With theaters closed, where are new movies going to be released?

By Natalie Fritz
April 5, 2020

In a matter of days, producers’ worlds were turned upside down. Theaters shut down all over the world. Will the movies still have their same release date? Where will they be released to?

Many movies that were set to be released between now and Memorial Day Weekend are being canceled. There is no set date as to when they will be released.

The movie industry has been turned upside down. Some movie companies are going to release movies to the public earlier than expected just to get it out and hopefully make some money off of them instead of them sitting on computers and no on watching them.

There are over 30 movies that are being affected by the world pandemic.

Movies will be released via on-demand for people to watch at on home on their on TVs. Universal Pictures have released movies for people to purchase to rent without leaving their homes. Movies such as “The Hunt”, “Emma” and “The Invisible Man” are some of the movies Universal Pictures have released.

Movie cover of Emma. Photo from https://www.focusfeatures.com/sweeps/emma_great-britain-getaway_sweeps/

A big movie Universal was looking forward to the release of is the movie “Trolls World Tour”. This movie was set to be released on April 17 but will now be released on-demand on April 10.

Trolls World Tour Home Premiere. Photo from https://www.fandangonow.com/details/movie/trolls-world-tour-2020/MMV54926B33B8FBCDC898AA04BF9E87BC41C

Some people may like the idea of watching new movies in the comfort of their homes and not have to go out to the movie theaters, While others like going out to the theaters to see a new movie.

A lot more TV commercials are being shown in regards to new movies saying when they are going to be released on-demand.

Movie companies and producers still need a way to make money during this world pandemic and right now releasing their movies-on-demand, which they really don’t want to is the only way they can keep their industry afloat.

Zach Garcia, sophomore marketing major, is actually happy about the new way movies are going to be released. “I am really excited about new movies to be released on-demand. It actually gives me something to look forward to,” Garcia said.

“I do not really like to go out to the movies, I usually just wait till they come out on, on-demand and now I don’t have to wait,” Garcia said.

Other movies that have been released into theaters but may not have been released to the public yet via DVD or on on-demand are being released earlier too.

Kyle Tucker, junior education major, is not much of a movie watcher. “I was never one to go out to see a new movie or watch them on-demand, but right now I really do not have much else to do. I am definitely going to take a look at some new movies being released and see if any of them interest me,” Tucker said.

Garcia actually received an email from a movie ticket company called Fandango, promoting their new way of releasing movies.


Emails Garcia received from Fandango.

Movie companies are not only thinking about themselves but they are thinking about their customer’s interests and helping them pass time during this pandemic and hopefully getting it off their, mind for an hour or two while they are invested in watching a new movie.

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Natalie Fritz

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