Graduation worries start a year early

By Meghan Murphy
April 19, 2010

As I sit here and write this, I am realizing that at this exact time next year, I will be picking up my cap and gown for graduation. I will be going through all the hassle that the current seniors are going through: making sure all of the payments are cleared and also paying those infamous parking tickets that most Cabrini students receive, if not one but a bunch every day of the week.

Graduation is not only a sad but also a very exciting part of our lives. Unlike middle and high school graduation, that next day is the start of our lives, well, our adult lives. Many of us will head back home, some will stay here in Philadelphia, maybe others will continue on to graduate work. The possibilities are endless for college graduates.

With Cabrini being such a small school, most of us have become this little family. It is actually kind of scary how well we all know each other. The funniest part is it’s so easy to sense when one of us is not having a bad day, we just know when to back away. Being able to form such close friendships like this in college has made the whole experience 100 times better.

The biggest road block in our paths to the real world is the current economy. When I sit in the newsroom on Thursdays, I see two of the current seniors constantly sending out their cover letters and resumes to possible future employers. The stress they are going through is unimaginable. It has to be the scariest graduation woe. Trying to get an internship this summer was extremely stressful; I can’t even begin to imagine my stress level for job hunting next spring semester.

After attending an alumni panel for the Marketing association last week, the one thing that stuck in my head was that the alumni of Cabrini saying the only way you will get far in life is if you push and not be afraid to take risk. Our jobs are not just going to come to us, are jobs are not also here to stay. We must seek them out and be persistent and be sure to follow up. You have to be willing to start from the bottom and work your way up. It is not going to be the easiest process but with the help of our professors and the networking you do through internships or summer jobs, finding a job might become a little easier.

The time spent at Cabrini is winding down for the current seniors. It will be hard moving into school in August knowing that it is my last move-in day, and also not seeing the familiar faces of the current seniors. We must all face the facts and realize that life is not always going to be a Cabrini party but they will be memories that we will cherish forever. I want to wish the class of 2010 the best of luck on your endeavors in the real world!

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Meghan Murphy

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