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By Sophia Gerner
October 3, 2021

We live in a world where there is danger around every corner. Many people know someone who has been the victim of drug violence. It is hard to watch loved ones suffer. Those who suffer from addiction may believe there is no way out. Recovery is a long, bumpy road, but it can be rewarding.

Fentanyl Statistics. Infographic made by Sophia Gerner. Information found by Anna Schmader.

Cabrini University recently was informed of an investigation of suspected fentanyl-laced edibles near campus and should be applauded for the way it was handled and for the speed behind their alerts to spread awareness to the community.

It turned out that the investigation revealed the deadly substance wasn’t in the edibles consumed by the area youth, but it certainly could have been the case.

This scare showed how Cabrini’s Public Safety handles situations like these that wouldn’t necessarily be seen on a day-to-day basis. It reflects how serious Cabrini officials take drug warnings, not only on campus, but in the area as well, and that any kind of “street” drug, whether it’s cocaine or something as innocuous as edibles, can be lethal if mixed with fentanyl.

This event also pointed out that all people should be aware of the statistics the state and DEA area officials are finding, specifically in regards to seeing a growth in fentanyl being found increasingly in other types of drugs.

Radnor police probe of fentanyl-laced edibles finds no trace of deadly opioid; Pa. state officials still on alert with reports of it in other regions” by Anna Schmader said in her article, “Fentanyl is a highly powerful synthetic opioid that can be mixed or cut with other illicit drugs that can result in overdoses or deaths. According to the DEA, one kilogram of fentanyl has the potential to kill 500,000 people.”

Overall, this investigation proved just how risky taking drugs that are not prescribed can be and how even the smallest amount of fentanyl can be lethal.

Public Safety should also be recognized for recognizing the seriousness of the situation and notifying the community with such urgency.

Students should use this event as an example that these types of situations occur more than you think and it can truly happen to anyone. It just goes to show you how we must always remain vigilant.

Whether it be on or off campus, students can run into problems when it is least expected. It is important to always use best judgment and understand the risks in all actions we take.

If you ever feel unsafe while on campus don’t be afraid to reach out to public safety at (610) 902-8111 or in emergencies call 911.

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Sophia Gerner

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