A quick look at the history major

By Amanda Cundari
September 12, 2012

When the best part of a major is a toss-up between the courses and the teachers, then it must be history.  The courses are made of two different tracks: U.S History and World History.  The ones that get freshmen hooked are the survey classes.  “Dr. Smith is known to make the survey classes fun,” Allison Clark, senior history major, said.  “And the 300- and 400-level classes are literally the coolest classes I take all year.”

Classes range from “Sports in American Society” and “American Popular Culture,” where students study reality television, to “Spike Lee’s America” where students watch and talk about Spike Lee movies in terms of history.

“The classes are not about memorization as they were in high school,” Dr. Darryl Mace, associate professor of history and political science, said. “The courses are full of different historical perspectives and allow students to make sense of why and when things happen in history.”

Students learn how to apply the knowledge they learn and piece things together within an historical context.  The professions for a history major are limitless, ranging from teachers, lawyers and business positions, to company CEOs and even government work.

“I love making history come alive,” Mace said.  So whether you’re interested in politics, war, or just history in general, the history faculty is committed to engaging with students and preparing them for future careers.

“We have a lot of fun,” said Mace. “For the history major, the sky is the limit.”



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Amanda Cundari

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