The gym is so a place for a girl

By Sara Johnsen
November 4, 2015

Females in the gym show just how much strength they really have. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

I would not call myself a gym rat.

I do not spend nearly enough time in the gym as I should, and I probably could not name more than five types of workouts that include weights. I do go to the gym occasionally and often see fit women who could probably benchpress more weight than most guys I know.

So why are these women who demonstrate substantial physical prowess called “manly” and “butch” or told that they are “trying too hard?”

The gym is typically known as a place where only the men go to workout, whereas women are only subjected to working out in dance halls or yoga studios. The stigma that “the gym is no place for a girl” is out-of-date and stupid.

Muscular girls are becoming more and more popular. This fitness trend promotes positive body image for women of all ages. Telling young girls that working out to feel more confident is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Women work hard in the gym for their own personal reasons. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Why is the stereotype of women going to the gym so negative?

It seems that the only people who have a problem with women in the gym are men-probably because most men do anything to degrade women so they can hold on to their frail masculinity, but I digress. Maybe the intimidation factor of the possibility that there is a girl who can lift more than a guy scares most boys.

So I ask this question: if men want women to look a certain way, and are unafraid of voicing their opinion of how girls’ bodies should look like, then why do they judge girls who go to the gym to work on themselves?

Granted, women do not go to the gym just to try to appeal to the opposite sex (shocking revelation, is it not?). Scientifically, working out makes you feel better because of the chemicals that are released when exercising. Girls tend to just go to the gym to feel more confident. The gym has a variety of tools that the public does not have access to, so it is unfair that the female population gets judged for using these resources.

Afro american woman in gym running
Running is just one of the many workouts available to women at thy gym. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

The gym should be a place where everyone can go to workout without being bothered by anyone. The presence of females at the gym should not bother people, because we have the same reason for being at the gym anyway-to get in shape.

So go ahead ladies, throw away your yoga mats and stop those Pilates stretches (unless thats how you enjoy exercising). Never let anyone tell you, “the gym is no place for a woman,” because they are wrong. The gym is a place for all.

As for me, I would rather run laps at the track than be at the gym around a bunch of sweaty girls or guys anyway.

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Sara Johnsen

I'm just a (better than) average Cabrini University student who loves writing and playing with dogs. Education and traveling are my main priorities, but my main goal is to entertain and inform people through my writing and communication. Proud member of CUFH & CUWL

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