The Clue Mystery Dinner

By Melissa Webb
September 29, 2010

It’s a movie, it’s a game, and it’s also an event here at Cabrini College. A tradition each year hosted by the SEaL (Student Engagement and Leadership) office, “The Clue Mystery Dinner” during Family weekend on Saturday, Sept. 25 in the Mansion, “Went well and was a fun way to showcase the mysteries of the mansion, with an interactive story and family” Amber LaJeunesse, assistant director of SEaL said.

With 80 people signed up for the event and a waiting list, staff and faculty, students as well as parents and family members, participated to solve the murder of a Ghost Hunter. “The event was very successful” Anne Filippone, director of SEaL said, “some families look forward to this event each year.” Not only did they enjoy the Mysteries at this two hour event, but also a delicious Italian course for just $10.

A different company from the previous years, The “Jeft Mysteries” included everyone. Each participant was given a character with a brief description of who that character was and how they were to act. For instance, LaJeunesse played the character Barbie who was a Ghost Hunter and disliked another Ghost Hunter. Each time Barbie would hear “Boo,” she would scream. Whereas the other company put on an act with about six actors, as the guest at the dinner set back as the audience.

In the story of the game, all were gathered at a conference to hunt ghost. The guest included a very wealthy family “The Huffington’s,” their two butlers, their maid, Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Boys, Monk, The Beatles, and many others. During the conference, one of the ghost hunters who were played by one of the few actresses with Jeft, was killed.

The entire guest became suspects. The body of the ghost hunter was found with a rope tied around his neck. He was strangled to death and at first it seemed as if the ghost had done it but as Act 1 and Act 2 took place in between their course, clues were revealed that had the guest think otherwise.

Courtney Alio a sophomore psychology major and her family joined this event and enjoyed themselves once again. This year they even brought along two friends of their family, “They loved it and are both ready to come back next year” Alio said.

Some characters played a more general role as others had a more crucial role. Alio enjoyed the role of her character, the daughter of the Huffington’s. Each time a Beatle’s song was played, her character’s was to dance. Her sister participated as one of the Beatle’s, and along with the other guest who were a part of the band; had to put on a performance singing one of their hit songs. “With this company it was much funnier but I still like last year’s company better,” Alio said.

One of the student’s parents who attended played the character Monk, he was really into it and the student became a little embarrassed. The father did a great job! Peter Morrison, junior spanish education major, who also returned this year for the event, played the character as one of the Hardy Boys. “This event went really well because it involved everyone that attended and kept them entertained with mystery humor and fun” Morrison said.

In the final act, six of the participants reenacted the scene for the rest to decide who had committed the crime. Throughout the conference fingers were pointed. The knot around the ghost hunter’s neck was tied in an eight knot. Knowing that Luster Duster, the maid, use to play with yoyos, fingers were last pointed at her. She happened to be the only one who knew how to make that knot due to skill with a yoyo.

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Melissa Webb

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