‘The Bachelorette’ tops ‘The Bachelor’ for bad TV

By Kate Muska
March 25, 2015

Apparently, “The Bachelor” and its counterpart, “The Bachelorette,” never cease to deliver their disgraceful surprises.

The 2015 season, which airs May 18, is rumored to throw a major curveball at its fans.

The usual sequence of events will be twisted with not one, but two bachelorettes.

Supposedly, by the end of episode one, the 25 men in the running to find true love will pick from the two ladies, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson.

The two women had been contestants on the most recent season of “The Bachelor” starring Chris Soules, but had been eliminated.

They have been referred to as two of the show’s favorite contestants and thus have been brought back to shake things up.

Creative Commons The new season of “The Bachelorette” will feature two contestants. Is this a sexist and ridiculous way to garner more viewers?
Creative Commons
The new season of “The Bachelorette” will feature two contestants. Is this a sexist and ridiculous way to garner more viewers?

Spoiler alert: According toReality Steve’s tweets and posts, it is already known that the men have chosen Bristowe over Nilsson.

However, it is reputed that Nilsson will still have some sort of role in the season.

That role has yet to be discovered, and it seems that only time will tell with her circumstances, although Celebrity Dirty Laundry surmises that Nilsson will have her choice of the men who get eliminated by Bristowe.

Thank goodness someone will be doing something with the rejects.

It seems that the producers of “The Bachelorette” are taking the typical junk they shove in our faces and are adding to it.

It is as if someone said, “Hey, we are already objectifying women and men alike in separate shows; how about we change things a bit to humiliate them both even more in one show!”

It is repulsive enough that a group of men will publicly degrade themselves fighting for a woman because she is single and good-looking and vise-versa, but now the men get to decide which woman will be “the perfect wife and companion,” according to(ibtimes.com), before doing so.

Well, at least the men have somewhat of a say of whom they will be dramatizing over for the next several weeks.

It gives them the illusion that what they are doing here truly means something and that they actually have a choice in this circus of a reality show.

That is probably the only positive thing to be said about this season, or this show in general.

Fans of the superficial show have not been shy about their opinions on this twist.

The new turn of events has sparked arguments defending the sides of the two women. Some are confused, asking questions like why do the producers not just keep both girls on simultaneously and let them both find true love?

Still more confused fans wonder why there are two girls at all.

Frankly, I am still confused as to why this show still exists.

Regardless, I have no doubt that aside from the different beginning and whatever twist they throw in with Nilsson’s role, we will be seeing the same nonsensical drama that we call “entertainment” and “love.”

I do not know about you, but I cannot wait.

Kate Muska

A sophomore communications major with a minor in English, Katie is very dedicated to her writing. Katie is an assistant editor to the Lifestyles section of the Loquitur and is looking to go into the field of publishing.

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