Teen Motivators

By Kassia Bernosky
March 28, 2012

The college’s mentoring program, Teen Motivators, inspires and motivates the seventh and eighth grade students of St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School located in Norristown, Pa.

“Our main goal with the Teen Motivator Program is to encourage students that they CAN and they WILL achieve a college education regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, etc.,” Jenna Caroccia, junior major and head of the program, said via email.

“I would like teen motivators to have a lasting effect on them after the program is over. I would like those who plan on going to college to have a better outlook on it. I want them to know that if they need anyone where here for them,” Brandon Mincer, junior major, said.

The teen motivators make arrangements for the Norristown students to come to campus once a week, four times a month.  While the students are here at Cabrini they participate in events or activities sponsored by an organization or sports team. Activities include,

“One week we played bingo. We had so much fun,” Mincer said.

“We, the motivators, want to expose the students to different, positive outlets and activities. Our main objective is that we have fun in a positive way,” Caroccia said.

Caroccia, currently the head of the program is passionate, hopeful and proud of this The Teen Motivator Program.  She wants everyone involved, middle school students and college students, to gain something unique and worthwhile from their experiences in the program.

“I’ll never forget the first time I met them. I’m not very good with names, so they created this game where I had to go around the table and say their names really fast until I memorized them,” Mincer said.

“My main goal as the head of the Teen Motivator Program is for each student to be inspired. I want the middle school students to find courage in themselves and find a positive hobby that can act as their outlet. I want them to remember their Cabrini College experience always and build strong relationships with our motivators. My wish for our motivators and participating hosts is for them to be a part of something bigger than themselves. I want our Cabrini community to be captivated by these middle schoolers and want to feel inclined to make a difference. I consider this program and opportunity, privilege, and joy,” Caroccia said.

While education majors are commonly associated with this program, anyone has the opportunity to participate and become involved.  Teen Motivators is made up of a group of students with a vast array of different majors such as education, social work, business, Spanish, accounting and ITR.

“Our motivators are an extraordinary group of leaders and we are all lucky to have them aboard,” Caroccia said.

The Teen Motivator Program is always looking for new, passionate members.

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Kassia Bernosky

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