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By Jill C. Hindman
April 25, 2002

The tickets say that you must be there by 9:30 a.m. sharp. In order to get from Philly to New York City we took a 5:42 a.m. train, and I am the complete opposite of what some like to call “a morning person,” but this experience was well worth the lost minutes of sweet dreams.
ABC’s “The View” can be best described as watching a group of girlfriends enjoying some tea and each other’s company. Watching these women on TV, some may wonder to themselves whether or not this foursome of ladies are “real” friends or “for the camera only.” The chemistry between these four women is nothing but genuine
Once seated a comedian comes out to liven the crowd and get them pumped for the women to come out. The atmosphere was so full of energy and booming with music. The set was bigger than I had anticipated.
Once the women came out of the doors the crowd went wild. There was an encouraged standing ovation and the applause was welcomed with the warm smiles of Lisa Ling, Joy Behar, Meredith Viera and Star Jones, co-hosts of The View.
On the train ride there I was wondering if seeing the show in person would change my mind about which of these co-hosts were my favorite. I have always been impressed by Lisa Ling who I used to watch on Channel One news when I was in grade school. I guess being that she is the woman who represents the twenty-somethings on the show, she is a role model in a way. She is well educated and well spoken and she is not afraid to disagree with the other women. The day that I was there I was disappointed by her contribution to the show. She seemed almost shy, unlike she has ever appeared on the screen before. She proved me wrong on the commercial breaks when she walked right into the audience and greeted everyone saying what a great crowd we were. “Sometimes we get duds,” she told us.
Star Jones who I used to find a bit irritating and appeared to have an “I know everything attitude” surprisingly enough did not seem that way at all. This one-time prosecution attorney was crowd friendly and very funny. She was almost cute in a way. She had a lot to say, but kept the conversation light and fun as she had the crowd giggling the whole time.
The always-funny Joy Behar of course had the audience laughing every other minute wiuth her down-to-earth-tell-it-like-it-is attitude. She has always been my personal favorite and still holds the title. She is a mother and a comedian who includes her own life in a lot of the conversation, as do all of the hosts, she seems so normal. Her high-heeled Cinderella-glass-slipper-look-a-like-shoes said it all. On the breaks the women asked the crowd if they had any questions and one woman in the back shouted out to Behar that she has given her inspiration in her own life.
Meredith Viera has a long list of experience in hosting television. She seems as though she is the head honcho when their friend BW also known as Barbara Walters is not there. Viera has a fresh look. She appears comfortable on the set as though she is in her element. She appears to love the camera.
The women are nothing but a good time to watch. They are as friendly to one another when the camera is on as well as when it is off. Even if you disagree with what they are saying, you will crack up listening to them battle it out.

For more information on The View and to get to know more about the co-hosts, visit:

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Jill C. Hindman

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