Symposium gives undergrads real-life experience

By Melanie Greenberg
April 25, 2011

Students present their posters to attendies during a past undergraduate symposium among their peers in the Iadarola Center Lobby.

Cabrini College will be celebrating the scholarly and creative accomplishments of undergraduate students on Thursday, April 28. Poster sessions, oral presentations and performances by students will be presented to showcase research and artistic material done over the course of the year.

The fifth annual Undergraduate Arts, Research and Scholarship Symposium will take place between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The poster session will take place in the Dixon Center from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. The remaining presentations will take place in classrooms for the rest of the afternoon.

Students will not have classes on Symposium day so that students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and selected high school students can view the accomplishments of Cabrini students.

“The Symposium helped me to gain experience with data and experiments,” Nick Kaminski, senior psychology major, said. “It’s good preparation for graduate school or a professional job. We are able to display our data and research and showcase our knowledge regarding the materials.”

Those participating in the Symposium had to gain approval from a faculty mentor in order to become eligible to present.

“Prepping and researching for the Symposium helped me with my time management skills,” Dijana Ilic, sophomore marketing major, said. “There was a certain amount of work to be done each week for our project and we had to meet our goals efficiently.”

Students from varying majors present work they have compiled through the year. The Cabrini College Journal of Undergraduate Research Editorial Board views abstracts and papers completed by students after the Symposium. The Editorial Board selects work that demonstrates the efforts of students.

“It taught me how to research and compile information on one topic for months,” John Solewin, senior political science major, said. “I learned how to concentrate on one topic and maybe I can focus on a problem in the world by dedicating time to that.”

The Board dedicates themselves to discovery, promotion and publication of the work done annually by Cabrini undergraduates. Each of the articles chosen exemplify one or more of the following accomplishments:

An original research project, unique contribution to the scholarship of the students field, a new interpretation of an intellectually important problem, phenomenon or text.

Any work that shows academic seriousness, intellectual ambition or artistic merit is also taken into consideration for the Board.

“I definitely benefited from this year’s research because I was able to use my knowledge of business to help people overseas in Swaziland,” Ilic said. “I was able to contribute in making a business plan for Swazi youth. I got the chance to help individuals in a country plagued with HIV/AIDS create a future for themselves and their families.”

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Melanie Greenberg

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