Superbowl Flops: Are the Philadelphia Eagles one hit wonders?

By Gabrielle Thompson
December 11, 2018

Getty Images / Patrick Smith

After breaking a franchisee curse of never winning a Super Bowl they ‘re ranked one of the NFL’s worst teams this season. Coming off a 13-3 record in 2017 they are now starting out the season with three wins and three losses. The team is not even expected to make the playoffs with their early performance.

However, the Eagles aren’t the first team to return from a Super bowl championship and flop in the following season. Most Super bowl champions are actually expected to return to the playoffs. Is it that the Eagles are not taken seriously? Ryan Hardee a freshman at Cabrini said, “Some people do take the eagles as a joke and they feel like our players can’t perform like that every year”. Another fan, Karon Smith a Sodexo chef confidently stated “Its early, we are the team to beat. We’re super bowl champions they have to beat us”.

Lincoln Financial stadium’s “Home of the Super Bowl Champions” has been replaced by “Home of the Eagles”. One may see this as the Eagles humbling themselves after returning to the field with a losing record this season prior to their win over  1-3  Giants this past Thursday.

Week 6 Injury report Philadelphia
Team Issues and Potential

One of the major issues seems to be that Philadelphia is struggling to score in the fourth quarter.  There has been a pattern all season of them keeping up until the fourth quarter. The last quarter is where they either hold a team or lose the lead in the last 14 minutes. So far this season they’ve been averaging about 5.2 points in the fourth quarter.

Another factor which may be the most important factor is their injuries. This is the same team that won the superbowl with their first string quarterback Nick Foles out for the season. As of week six they have reported 11 injuries.  “I think they got a good team they just have injuries. They have to adjust to the injuries. They 3-3 and aren’t even playing good that tells you something” Leonard Lamoski a cafeteria chef said implying that they have potential to continue a new legacy.

This Sunday, The Eagles will be facing the Carolina Panthers: 3-2 and  the second seed in the NFC south. The odds are definitely against the eagles. With a win against the Panthers they will be guaranteed first set in their conference, therefore giving them a guaranteed spot in the playoffs.


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Gabrielle Thompson

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