Students study cultures and lifestyles in Italy

By Kenneth Baumbach
October 25, 2001

Lucy Truglio

Students who studied Italian last year were able to receive a first hand account of the language and of the culture that they were studying. This past summer, foreign language professor, Massimo Musumeci, and a group of Cabrini students took a trip overseas to the country of Italy, for a two-week stay. They traveled to all regions of the country including Florence, San Giminiano, the Island of Ponza and ended their travels in the beautiful city of Rome.

The purpose of this trip was so that the students could learn more about the Italian culture and lifestyle. It was also to expand the student’s vocabulary and improve their speaking skills in Italian. The students got a first hand account of what the Italian lifestyle is like from professor Musumeci, who is a native of Italy himself. They were introduced to Muscumeci’s family and friends who showed the students examples of everyday living in Italy. The students were treated with authentic Italian cooking as well and were able to sense what it would be like to live in the country of Italy. “It was a great experience,” Chris Glavin, sophomore, said. “We were able to see for ourselves what life in Italy was like and what their customs consisted of. We would not have been able to do this if we were not being given the tour be a former Italian resident.”

The students commented that they all had a great time and learned a lot about the culture and history of Italy. They did all this while having a lot of fun. “We all had a great time. The beaches were beautiful. The whole trip was something that I’ll never forget and I look forward to doing it again sometime,” Lucy Truglio, sophomore, commented. One student saw and experienced more than just the famous landmarks in Italy. Christine Casale had the unique experience of meeting family members of hers who still reside in Italy. “Along with learning about my culture and where my father was from, I got to meet some of my relatives and family that still live there. It was a very unique experience that I am glad I had.”

All of the students agreed that the trip was a lot of fun and that it is something that they would do again if given the chance. No trip has yet been planned for next summer. However there is definitely a plan for a trip in the summer of 2003. One does not have to take Italian to go on this trip. Anyone who attends Cabrini College is welcome to travel with the group.

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Kenneth Baumbach

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