Students spend their summer on campus

By Brianna Morrell
September 10, 2015

The Dixon field added new turf as well as a freshly-painted Cavalier.Photo Submitted By Brian Rohanna

  As students say goodbye to a sweet summer and get back to school, there are some people on campus who never went home. Whether it is internships or working at on or off campus jobs, summer at Cabrini is an option for all students looking to stay on campus. Many students on campus during the summer worked full-time and made some extra cash along the way before the school season started back up.

What are the full advantages of living on campus all year-round? For starters, students get to live on campus in the summer which does not disappoint. This luxury comes with a price. Residence life charges about $2,000 for the whole summer, making it about $30 a day with no meal plan. The downfall is that there is no meal plan and most on campus eateries are closed or on a limited schedule. This means stops to the grocery store to plan meals are necessary.

Students working on campus have the advantage of saving money on gas with being able to walk to work.

“I really enjoyed my summer at this beautiful college. I was able still have summer with friends back home,” Brian Rohanna said. “I would like to still work at Cabrini in the summer and take classes in the summer.”

Students living on campus over summer break had more room for design. Brianna Morrell / Social Media Editor

Summer classes were also offered on campus as well ranging from math to English classes. The classes offered helped students catch up on credits or even let them take an interesting class to pass by the summer days.

Most class sizes appeared smaller than usual and were accelerated to fit into two summer sessions. Different classes were taught between sessions one and two, giving a wide variety of classes to take for students interested in class during the summer.

The Dixon center endured some major changes with the expansion coming together and starting in the beginning of the year. Major construction was being done while the new turf at Dixon Field House was put together.

The new state of the art turf was made over the summer before the athletes came back to start their seasons. A freshly new painted cavalier was put on the turf.

Cabrini also welcomed many camps to campus on summer, many to which went in and out the Dixon Center. Camp Future Stars and The Rock School of Dance were just two of the few camps welcomed onto the campus for the whole summer while most students were away at home.

Summer at Cabrini was eventful with everything going on. With camps, classes and student workers buzzing around campus, there was a sense of community even though full-time schooling was not in swing.

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