Student parking and campus wifi among issues SGA is aiming to resolve

By Angelica Little
April 27, 2016

Cabrini wireless and student parking are two of the most talked about issues among students on campus, but who is going to do something about it?

Lucia Neuber, senior president of the Student Government Association takes a managerial role within SGA, prioritizing meetings and overseeing that everyone is involved and motivated. Once a semester, Neuber meets with President Taylor to discuss issues that students have presented.

“The president is sort of that liaison between the student body and the administration of the college. Luckily student government has a lot of connections so we can utilize the connections we have to make sure our issues are being presented.”

Students’ issues have been heard, with SGA making student parking a main priority with many foreseeable changes coming soon.

Graphic designed by Angelica Little.
Graphic designed by Angelica Little.

“Our main focus as a board is getting parking restructured. We have a survey online where people can see the proposed parking outline. Our executive treasurer, Sal, proposed having the lines on one side be at an angle and the other side be parallel parking. Our parking committee have been working endlessly making sure everything fits regarding measurements, making sure everything will get cleared by Radnor for emergency vehicles.”

They have a meeting this Tuesday with public safety, facilities and cabinet members. If the parking reconstruction is green lighted, it would happen over the summer.

“It was a brilliant idea. He thought about it during move in day because parents would park on one side. If everything went in one circle, it would add forty more spots.”

Former Cabrini student Deon Brown recalled living in the Apartments last year. “It was annoying when you couldn’t find parking with what little is available. You have to drive and park in Dixon and walk back. In the summer and spring it isn’t that much of a big deal, but in late fall and winter or when you have to carry back groceries? It’s annoying.”

He did offer an idea on how to fix the issue. “Expand the parking lot behind the apartments. You can fit some more cars where all the grass is. You can even build another parking lot in that area behind Dixon, especially since they are expanding it.”

Commuter parking permits are the same price as a residential students’ parking permit. A commuter student expressed frustration to SGA over paying the same price when he was here only half the time.

Next year, the parking permit will be $55 and the residential parking permit will become $95. If a student is only on campus for one semester, the parking permit will be $35. Each permit was lowered to a more reasonable price.

In addition to the major changes to parking, SGA has been working elsewhere around campus.

SGA will create a campus wide cleanup and getting newer water fountains, like the one found on the third floor. These new fountains will be located in the new Dixon Center and other locations on campus.

Cabrini Wireless will also be getting a revamp. Students have complained on Twitter that they have run out of data and skyrocketed phone bills because they were unaware that Cabrini’s wireless was not working. Dr. Christine Lysionek, vice president of student life, is aware of the wireless issue on campus and has revealed this issue to the cabinet.

A campus safety walk is in the talks because of the darkness on residential boulevard to help students feel safer at night.

Nueber is pleased with the progress that SGA as a whole has made towards making Cabrini’s students are getting their voices heard. “This year we made sure to hear what the students wanted. This year we capitalized on the subcommittees and working together as a group to accomplish a lot. I’m excited that voices are able to be heard around campus. This year has been really great because of all those different aspects.”

Angelica Little

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