Spring up your wardrobe

By Danielle Feole
April 3, 2008

Shopping for a spring wardrobe is a great time of the year because warm sunny weather is right around the corner. Being able to pack away warm sweatshirts and furry boots and head to the mall for a new spring outfit is the best feeling.

I love the bright colors that come along with spring clothes. I’d much rather wear a skirt and flip-flops over jeans and sneakers. When it comes to shopping, I’m never one who runs toward the bargain stores such as, TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I know a lot of people who get beautiful pieces of clothing from bargain stores but I personally hate the clutter. I like shopping in stores that are very clean, organized and coordinated.

I despise searching through cluttered racks of clothing. I’d much rather pay the extra money at Express or Abercrombie and Fitch, where I can find the pieces of clothing and accessories that I need in a fast and easy shopping experience. Stores like Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe that can be found in the King of Prussia Mall have prices like those of bargain stores but are towel organized so you can find what you are looking for.

Every time I go into a bargain store, I cannot find anything that I want to buy but I have friends who will leave with an arm full.

I think it is all in your mindset. If you hate clutters or sloppy stores and have no intention of finding something to buy in them, then you won’t.

During the day, the perfect spring or summer outfit includes a comfortable pair of shorts or a skirt with a tank top and flip flops. You can never own enough flip flops! For a hot spring or summer night, I love a cute dress or skirt and a cute pair of wedges or heels.

Who doesn’t love shopping for spring? Why not use your money at the King of Prussia Mall, where you can shop in several stores and won’t have to dig through cluttered racks just to find a cute halter top?

Danielle Feole

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