Spending the holiday season with the family

By Kevin Moylett
December 3, 2014

(Amarra Boone/Photo Editor)
(Amarra Boone/Photo Editor)

Figuring out where and with whom to spend the holidays can be tricky for students and their families. The holiday season for most people is about spending time with your relatives.

(Amarra Boone/Photo Editor)
(Amarra Boone/Photo Editor)

Every family has their own way of doings things when it comes to the holidays though. One of the most difficult situations occurs when parents are divorced.

“Each Thanksgiving I spend it with my mom, brother, stepdad and any other of my mom’s side of the family that joins us at my house. I don’t see my dad on Thanksgiving but every Christmas morning I go to his house. Although I am Jewish my stepdad celebrates Christmas so my family will celebrate it anyway. When I was younger of course I never really had a say in where but now even with a choice I just stick with the traditional plan each year,” Michael Schugar, sophomore human resources major, said.

Don’t forget that some people have to consider others on the holidays besides their relatives. What happens when you are in a relationship? Do you have to see your boyfriend/girlfriend on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or New Years?

“My boyfriend and I know that spending the holidays with our families is something we have been doing our entire lives and not seeing each other on the holiday itself is a strong possibility. I know my mom would kill me if I didn’t spend Christmas with her. That doesn’t mean though during the holiday season we can’t spend time together,” Katherine Stevens, junior educational studies major, said.

Seeing your entire family during the holidays is a difficult task. Luckily, when your family is a little smaller, it makes it a little easier. Not everybody has the traditional big family holiday where you have your immediate family, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents all there.

“For Christmas my grandmother comes over my house for dinner. Besides that I just mostly spend the day with my mom and dad. For Thanksgiving my mom’s side of the family comes over, but it isn’t a large group. During the holiday season having a small family can be an enjoyable thing because I get a chance to talk a lot with everybody. We are all very close,” Kyle Barth, junior biology major, said.

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time of the year so no matter where and whom you spend your day with it is always good to spend it with family.


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Kevin Moylett

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