Speed bumps are just the beginning

By Brad Diamond
September 23, 2005

Picture this. You are coming back to Cabrini late on a Sunday night. You went home for the weekend because you realized that the possibility of a party at home, or at a school where your friend goes, was worth the drive. You knew that if you stayed at school all weekend, you would want to scratch your eyes out by Saturday afternoon.

You pull into school and make that left at Xavier, swerving to avoid some kid who is outside on his skateboard playing chicken with traffic. You begin to make your way down “residential boulevard.” You realize that you will probably end up parking at the Dixon center, but you press your luck anyway. “Tonight is the night I luck out and get a spot.” Keep telling yourself that.

Just as you are making that turn around house two, you see an opening in that seemingly endless line of rear bumpers. Getting excited now, you speed up, hopefully not forgetting that there are speed bumps almost everywhere you go on campus, just waiting there patiently for some poor soul to forget about their presence. The bottom of my car will testify to that.

As you are just about to pull into this miracle spot, you realize; there is a gigantic dumpster with bees swirling all around it, sitting directly where you were hoping to park.

That’s garbage. No pun intended, but it is. Now you continue down the road, passing three or four more would be parking spots along the way. When you get to house 7, still not having found a spot, you realize that you now need to make a u-turn. The construction on the new “new residence hall” has now completely cut off the road.

You try to simply turn around, but five other people are trying to do the same thing. You feel like you’re leaving a Phillies game right after they lost. Everyone is frustrated, and you want all of them to get out of the way.

If you found yourself in that situation at any point this year, then you aren’t alone. These are some of the things that are frustrating students on campus, including myself. Parking has been an issue at this school for as long as I can remember, yet we have dumpsters taking up parking spots all over the place. It’s frustrating and very hard to understand.

I also cannot comprehend how there was no way around turning residential boulevard into a dead end. When the new science building was being built, you hardly even knew it. There was hardly any hassle to anyone on campus as far as I know. It was almost like they threw up a building overnight. With the new “new residence” hall, it seems like its causing more of a hassle than anything else.

If anyone wants to discuss these problems with me, we can go to Jazzman’s and get a bite to eat. We will just have to wait 20 minutes for a sandwich that takes 30 seconds to grill. That is of course if we can make it through the herd of people who are waiting there to hear any name that resembles their own. All right, I’m done complaining, for now. There is always next week.

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Brad Diamond

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