Speakers present their research and knowledge of history at forum

By Thomas Breslin
November 12, 2014

Six prominent scholars were welcomed to campus to present their research and studies on a specific topic in history. The presentations were held in Widener Lecture Hall on Saturday, Nov. 1 and were part of the 17th annual history and political science club forum.

In August 1944, 61 civilians including 38 children were killed in the village of Freckleton in Lancashire, England due to an American B-24 bomber crashing in from a routine flight. Inclement weather and fast moving thunderstorms ordered an emergency landing causing the crash. Dr. James Hedtke, history and political science professor, spoke about the Freckleton, England Air Disaster. Hedtke gave his audience knowledge of how this tragedy occurred and people it affected. Hedtke has studied and committed a lot of his time to research the England Air Disaster. Hedtke was able to meet survivors of the disaster and had spoke to about what he knows from his experience of being able to meet some of the people who survived. “It was my favorite presentation of the day. It was touching and a lot of work was put into the research of the families and people involved” Rob Bass, a senior criminology major, said.

In the beginning of 1960, college students came together to create a new and greater political movement called the New Left. The New Left was looking to improve racism and discrimination in the south. It was also looking to form equal rights and marched down American cities in urban ghettos looking to make improvement. The movement also wanted to resolve issues of civil rights and liberating college students. Joseph Fitzgerald, professor of history and political science, was another person who spoke at the history forum. Fitzgerald gave the audience a presentation of the knowledge he has on the student movements of the 1960s. Fitzgerald talked about what the New Left did such as the campaigns, marches and protests they put together in order to reach their goal.

The 17th annual history forum four other speakers were Dr. Darryl Mace, Dr. Nancy Watterson, Dr. Jolyon Girard and Dr. Courtney Michelle Smith. Mace talked about the integration of Girard College and the black freedom struggle while Watterson talked about where body-based learning meets mindful martial arts. Girard talked about textbook research and writing while Smith talked about the century of rivalry between Leigh and Lafayette. Every year the history forum changes the themes of the topics and is welcomes the public to attend. It is a good day to come out too learn and support the people who put time into their research.


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Thomas Breslin

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