Sophomore Washington humble, confident

By Janene Gibbons
December 4, 2008

It was his senior year at Radnor High School when people learned of his ability to dominate.

For the first time in 45 years, Glenn Washington and the Radnor High School men’s basketball team made it to the state playoffs where he broke the school record set in the ’50s and scored an incredible 44 points in one game.

Washington, sophomore exercise science major, who says his major interests besides basketball are sleeping, lifting weights and doing a little rapping here and there, started playing basketball officially in fifth grade and has continued to play ever since then.

His position on Cabrini’s court is small forward but what he brings to the Cabrini men’s basketball team, according to his coach Marcus Kahn, “Washington is so much more.”

Kahn said that Washington is not only a talented and smooth basketball player but is one of the best jump shooters that Kahn has ever coached.

“He does a very good job of creating his shots and scoring opportunities. I also believe that he can be our go-to guy in pressure situations, like at the Palestra,” Kahn said.

“The most important skill you have to have to succeed in basketball is the ability to stay focused,” Washington said.

Washington believes you have to keep up with your academics so you can stay eligible, practice and work hard.

Washington’s long term goal is to play overseas some day.

But this season, his goals revolve around helping his team as much as he can by helping them to secure a spot at the playoffs and NCAA tournament.

Washington’s motto is called an idée fixe, which he explained is a fixed idea or obsession to make it to the playoffs or a championship.

“He is an explosive scorer, which is not at all like his personality. While he is one of the best that I’ve coached, he is also one of the quietest and most humble players I have coached. You would never [guess] that he is the talented player that he is by the way he carries himself. To his credit, Glenn is a quiet, humble, but confident basketball player,” Kahn said.

Washington’s mother Wytina Satchell said the earliest memory of Washington playing basketball dates back earlier than the fifth grade.

“I mean he works hard, probably harder than anybody. He is a good floor leader and a person to look to, to win the end of the game,” sophomore exercise science major Wes Toth said.

“I believe that if he continues to work hard and grow as a basketball player, that he could be our best player and potentially an all-conference stand out,” Kahn said. “We will rely on him to step up in situations and come through in the clutch for us.”

Janene Gibbons

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