Sony’s PSP gives gamers new choices

By The Loquitur staff
April 7, 2005

Shane Evans

The technological world took another leap forward recently with the latest release of Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP). The much anticipated debut on Mar. 24th created hysteria in the video game world. Best Buy and technological outlets throughout the nation have initiated early midnight openings to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hungry for the coolest new game, video-gamers banged down the doors once the clock struck midnight in order to be the first person with a PSP in their hands. The prehistoric age where Nintendo’s Gameboy had supreme control of the market is long gone as Sony has left the competition in the dust with the new PSP breakthrough.

“The PSP is totally awesome, dude! I cannot wait to save up and buy the hip new game,” junior Ike Omuso said. Similar reviews from other students helped one reporter realize how advanced the new system really is.

Convergence, otherwise known as cramming many different capabilities into one compact machine, is the new theme for the video game world. Along with being a video game system, the Sony PSP can also hold downloaded music and transcend movies.

They accomplish convergence such as this by utilizing a new development called a Universal Media Disc (UMD).

According to the official Playstation website, “UMD is the next-generation compact storage media and at only 60mm in diameter, can store up to 1.8GB of digital data, making it perfect for a portable entertainment player like the PSP system.” The UMD makes it possible for PSP players to store a variety of media like music, movies and pictures.

Probably most exceptional about the PSP besides its multiple capabilities is the extremely clear picture presented on the screen. Using pixilation to define every last detail, the PSP portrays a screen that makes the average home television picture appear dull and faded. The only complaint heard from consumers is the fact that Playstation has stuck with the traditional disc-system where a few seconds of loading tests the sample buyer’s patience. Many people, however, strongly feel that the wait is definitely worth it.

With the PSP system in stores now, many are wondering which game will take the cake in popularity among consumers. For the most part, it appears that Metal Gear Acid will have the most successful debut. The game is most popular among adult males, the highest consumer of the PSP system. Gretzky NHL and Wipeout Pure are also highly desired games for the new PSP.

It is safe to say that a few years ago, technology such as this couldn’t even be imagined. Nintendo, a corporation that has controlled the portable gaming market, has not taken Sony’s clever innovations lying down. Nintendo has delivered a similar system titled, Nintendo DS to compete with its rivals. It is not certain that the DS will be enough to compete with the portable marvel, PSP.

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The Loquitur staff

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