Shaking pandemic social habits

By Santino Terranova
November 5, 2021

It's key that we work on social distancing, so the virus stops spreading. Photo from CalMatters
Protection, Prevention of Coronavirus Covid-19
Safety protocol by Cabrini. Photo by Cabrini University.

Life here at Cabrini has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. The impact of it had people changing their daily lives. Which included changes to people’s social habits since the pandemic had begun, many have found it difficult to communicate with others.

There have been challenges put in front of many during the pandemic. “It’s kind of affected my lifestyle in the fact that I haven’t been able to see as many people as I normally would,” Dan Cassidy, junior music business major, said. ”I haven’t seen my family as often as I normally would pre-pandemic. I also haven’t gone to many sporting events or activities.”

Those that enjoy going to sporting events can still enjoy a good time by wearing a mask when at public venues to shake the habit of wanting to remain at home for events.

“In relation to work we had to wear masks. Working in front of children, that made it hard for them to hear the instructions and communicate in general,” Cassidy said.

Wearing a mask can be difficult to make yourself clear, however, the habit of wearing the mask at work isn’t the worst thing as talking to others will distract you.

Developing new social habits since the pandemic began, being less sociable is one of the impacts Covid-19 has had on communities. “I’ve definitely become less sociable compared to how I was pre-pandemic. I don’t go out as often and it takes me more to approach people that I’m not as comfortable with,” Cassidy said.

Photo by Victoria Giordano. Students walking on campus, passing the library

New social habits that people have started due to Covid-19, they’re still ones that can be shaken by opening up to those around you to build relationships.

“People noticed them, they would say ‘you’re not as talkative’ or ‘why are you not out as much as you used to be?’ I thought it was normal until they said something for me to notice it,” Cassidy said.

Communicating with others around you even if you’re not familiar with them, can build a sense that not talking to anyone will keep you in your inner circle. Reaching out to others especially during this time of the pandemic can help shake the anti-social habit some have and get you out of your circle to bring new people into your life.

Cabrini’s social distancing safety protocol in an elevator. Photo by Cabrini University.

“Driving around for sure just because there’s less to do with other people,” Tommy Vaughan, sophomore business major, said. “I delivered pizza for a while, I did that during the pandemic because you didn’t have to talk to anyone or touch anything that anyone else would touch.”

Driving around takes up time that people who also made this a habit, use to help pass it along. It’s a habit that can be shaken by talking to those you come into contact with during the job.

“I’d have to say a lot of kids gained weight from being inside all the time. I saw a lot of kids that played video games more often, they got kind of out of shape,” Vaughan said.

“Covid-19 hitting kind of did put bad habits on some people that even though it isn’t as bad as it was, they’re still showing they want to get taught online. It brought out laziness in people,” Vaughan said.

People have developed social habits that have interested them in remaining online instead of returning to in-person classes. Many got used to this norm but there are ways it can be shaken. By going to campus and your classes, students gain experience of campus life that they missed the previous year. With the experience, students will find themselves to be more engaged than they would be online considering the hands-on experience when on campus.

Photo by Victoria Giordano. Two students sitting in the commons

Vaughan explained worries he has about the social habits he’s seen picked up by others, “I saw a lot of kids just get lazier, they aren’t really as motivated to hang out. I’d hope that goes away,” he said.

Lots of people aren’t as motivated or energetic about switching up their social habits of staying indoors. Those that have developed these habits can shake them by understanding the value of hands-on experience. When looking for a job in a certain field, it’s crucial to have the hands-on experience necessary to succeed in the field you’re interested in.

The different habits people have picked up during the pandemic can be shaken to have a more communicative type of society.

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Santino Terranova

Hi, my name is Santino Terranova but you can call me Sonny! I’m from Norristown, Pa and currently a junior digital communications/social media major with a sports communications minor. I hold the Sports Editor position for The Loquitur where I oversee the sports section. I like reporting on sports content considering I’m a diehard Philadelphia Eagles and 76ers fan. A career goal of mine is to become a full-time play-by-play sports broadcaster! I love seeing the game in person and getting to call it live is a big dream of mine. A couple fun facts about me is I’m a big sneakerhead, and I went to every Philadelphia Eagles’ home game during the 2021-22 season. I also hold the Music Director position for Cabrini’s student-ran radio station which streams online only and host my own two hour weekly show with the station.

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