Smaller is better: How Cabrini’s size just doesn’t matter

By Brandon Desiderio
April 10, 2012

As a rising junior here at Cabrini, I have two years under my belt. I, like most students here, have a solidified opinion of the place. I represent something more genuine than a brochure or marketing department can show you. Think of me as a fellow consumer, and my story as a consumer review; I’m vital to your shopping trip. So listen up!

More often than not, Cabrini gets a bad reputation because of its size, either based on the fact that “no one has heard of it” (we’re more well-known than you might think), or it’s “just too small” for a variety of reasons. Whatever the case, though, don’t focus so much on its girth: the education stands up to scrutiny and you’re possibly getting even more than your money’s worth if you simply take the time to look at the bigger picture.

For some people, the campus is too limiting. Sure, it’s pretty, but you’re going to be looking at these same trees for four years! Will you get bored?

The answer is yes – obviously. Everyone gets bored, and basing your decision on how large the campus is might not be the best decision. We’re conveniently located to Philly, a few hours from D.C. and New York City, and situated in a nice little town not lacking in homey qualities. It’s cozy here. And, when you get sick of that coziness (which you will), you’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere with zero options; Cabrini provides you with significantly discounted train and movie tickets, as well as multiple trips to Broadway musicals throughout the year. The only thing standing in your way of fun is yourself.

Now, what about the faculty? Do they care? Are they worth your hard-earned cash, your handful of loans?

I haven’t had class with every professor (let alone talked to each one), but in this respect our size matters even less. Due to the intimate nature of our campus and how common it is to have friends in other majors, with other faculty, you’ve a much likelier chance of at least hearing about a professor than you would at a larger college.

With this in mind, you’ll experience ups and downs as with any collegiate institution; but here, the disparity between those highs and lows is less severe. If you’re willing to accept my opinion on the matter, you’re bound to find your niche – and relish in it. Personalities clash, teaching styles collide, but at the heart of these conflicts resides a willingness to adjust, to come to a compromise.

The intimate nature of Cabrini allows you to forge personal bonds with your professors. You can easily come to a point in your education where you regard them as, almost, you regard your peers – maybe with a few differences in how you treat them (hopefully), but nevertheless, they’re there for your well being and for conversation, for empathy. And would you bet your bottom dollar that that would be guaranteed at an institution where the student-to-staff ratio is more akin to 50:1? I hope not. That’s just unrealistic to expect.

In an era of tight wallets and even tighter relationships (Do you greet the mailman? How about the neighbors you’ve lived next to for over a decade?), I think it’s important to reassess our societal values. If you were to ask me on what I value most – and what I had been searching for when I was applying to colleges – it was that one-on-one, interpersonal connection. I’ve never wanted to be regarded as my student ID number. Have you?

Never forget what matters most to you. As cheap as it may sound at times, stay true to your heart, to your desires: only then will you find the education for you.

Even the smallest of colleges can provide the largest of opportunities.

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Brandon Desiderio

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