Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Salsa party

By Jessica Johnson-Petty
October 17, 2012

Two left feet, body of rhythm and high spirits was all that we had. No, we repeat NO traditional Hispanic dancing experience pumping through veins.

Students of all ethnicities gathered to dance, mingle and eat at the ¡Salsa! Party in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month sponsored by the office of Student Diversity Initiatives.

Many students longed for just a little Hispanic culture on Cabrini’s campus and they got it. Spanish rice, fried cheesecake and burritos where offered during the Salsa party.

“Salsa night was amazing, “Ashlee Grazier, junior business major, said. “It made me feel that I was exactly where I needed to be and for that moment I took my friends back home. Nothing’s better than feeling at home.”

When the music started, some students were pumped and ready to take the floor. Other students were hesitant to salsa but, as everyone moved their feet to the beat, the hesitation withered away.

Dance instructor Herman went through a couple traditional Hispanic dances. These dances included Bacchata, Meringue and we can’t forget salsa.

There was a perfect mix of students who have never danced Hispanic traditional dance before and students who grew up dancing these dances all their lives.

LeeAnna Sierra, sophomore Psychology major, is one of those students who has danced all three of these dances before. She absolutely loved being able to dance in Jazzman’s with her peers.

“It was really great to dance somewhere other than my room,” Sierra said jokingly.

John Eddings, junior psychology major, described the salsa party as an “energetic experience.” For him, it was also “sensual and instructional, all around amusement.”

“I would love for the salsa party to come back,” Sierra said.

Jessica Johnson-Petty

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