‘Safe Haven’ captures romance through mystery

By Lia Ferrante
January 25, 2012

“Safe Haven” is a book about Katie, a girl with a mysterious past which haunts her.

“Safe Haven,” a novel by Nicolas Sparks, is a book that can’t be missed. This book will capture your imagination and will turn anyone into a hopeless romantic.

The excitement of learning about a character through each page makes readers never want to put the book down. “Safe Haven” was a phenomenal read, just like other novels by Sparks.

This book allows readers to become fascinated about two people destined to meet each other when they are both in their hardest times in life.

Sparks captured the essence of a girl named Katie with a mysterious past running from her past to figure out a new life for herself on her own time and on her own terms. She tries to forget about her past and is always looking over her shoulders. She wonders if she will ever be able to run from what haunts her and if she will ever be safe.

She becomes independent by meeting new people and falling in love. At first, falling in love wasn’t in her agenda, but toward the end, she realized it was the best thing that could have happened to her since she moved away.

She ended up at Southport with nothing but the clothes on her back and a past that she wanted no one to know about.

Throughout the novel, Katie discovers herself and learns whom to trust with her secrets and how to open up to people. When she first enters Southport, she tries to avoid all ties with any kind of relationships.

Little did she know that after meeting Alex, a widowed store owner with two children and her mysterious single neighbor, Jo, her secrets would soon come out.

Sparks allows the readers to learn about the personality of Katie and Alex and how they soon become very attracted to one another.

Even though her love is getting stronger for Alex, she is uncertain because of her dark secret that still horrifies her and haunts her every day. This novel brings out romance, mystery and intriguing facts that makes it hard for any reader not to keep flipping the pages to learn more. While reading this book, I loved being able to learn about different things about Katie and her past through each chapter.

In addition, Sparks has great quotes and the story is beautiful to read about two strangers falling in love. Even though Alex is widowed, his heart is still big enough for Katie to come into and become a part of his family with his kids.

The climax of the novel is thrilling and exhilarating when readers find out about her past and the dark secret she is hiding from everyone. They even get to experience what is haunting her when it comes to find her and death is the only solution to end her horror. It makes her finally realize that she is able to move on from her scary past and take care of the people who matter the most, Alex and his two children.

The ending of the book also has a great twist to one of the characters. It was something that came out of nowhere and it makes readers want to read the lines over and over again to fully comprehend.

This novel is beautifully written and it is something that will be passed down from generation to generation. “Safe Haven” is a book that will never get old and the story will live on forever.

Sparks is an inspirational novelist with an open heart and amazing ways to write down an outstanding story.

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Lia Ferrante

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