Racy VMA’s catch students attention

By Marissa Roberto
September 17, 2015

Kanye West makes 13-minute speech at the 2015 VMA’s. Creative Commons

Many students felt the 32nd installment of the MTV Video Music Awards was very peculiar.

With Miley Cyrus hosting, it was definitely not like any year before.

After having no host for the past two years, MTV really made a bold move by having Miley run the show.

Cyrus first appeared sliding down a rainbow funnel to open the show. The crowd was really interactive with her and she had some good jokes throughout, but what is any appearance featuring Miss Cyrus without her referencing how much she loves weed, dropping a few f-bombs and basically being naked every time she appeared on stage?

Some really liked her hosting. However, others like Cortney Hanson, junior education major, thought otherwise.

“She was the worst host ever. I would have rather have seen someone else,” Hanson said. “She made our generation look terrible.”

Nicki Minaj opened the show and owned the stage with her song “Trini Dem Girls.” Making her statement, she moved to the beat and interacted with her backup dancers and audience the whole time. Just when everyone thought the climax had hit, Taylor Swift rose up from under the stage singing with Minaj.

The two singers have previously been know to have some “bad blood” over a Twitter feud a couple of weeks ago. After their interaction on stage it seemed to be all cleared up and sent a direct message to all the media about their re-established friendship.

Later, The Weeknd got everyone dancing with his catchy single “Can’t Feel My Face.”

Singers Pharrell, Macklemore and Demi Lovato took their performances outside and pumped the crowd up even more.

Even Justin Bieber made his come-back to performing and got emotional at the end. The poor thing started to cry on stage.

“I thought they were cool. They were entertaining at the least,” sophomore, Alexandria Ramos, said.

Though the performances were lacking, jaw-dropping drama emerged in some Moon-man acceptance speeches.

Taking home the Moon-man award for best hip-hop video was Nicki Minaj.

She stormed the stage with great joy. She went from thanking fans and even her pastor in her speech to, out of nowhere, calling Miley Cyrus out for what she said about Minaj in an interview.

No one knew this was coming.

“I do not know if it was real but it definitely got a lot of attention,” Ramos said.

A lot of attention it gained indeed.

Apparently Miley’s words got twisted in the interview about Nicki Minaj and she took it upon herself to call Miley out on it.

“I do not think anyone deserves to be put on the spot like that. But maybe if they did have problems they can sort it out,” sophomore Jack Dunleavy said.

Later in the show, Taylor Swift presented the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Kanye West. Swift joked about their relationship, but when it came time for Kanye’s speech he apologized again for how he acted towards her and other people in his life.

Admitting he was high to “take the edge off,” Kanye gave a 13-minute speech filled with nonsense. By the end of his pretentious speech, the only thing that most people got out of it was that he loved saying “bro” and that he was running for president in 2020.

“I love Kanye West. I love his music. But he should stick to the music,” Hanson said. “If he was ever president I would be the first to move to Italy.”

Marissa Roberto

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