Preview of the co-op box office

By James Crowell
February 13, 2011

The office of Cooperative Education and Career Services will be holding express workshops throughout this semester on select Monday evenings from 5 p.m. to 5:30 pm in Grace Hall, room 131, as part of their “Box Office” series of events.

Jocelyn Tutrani, coordinator of first‑year career development in the cooperative education and career services office, said that they are having the workshops only last a half-hour each because they know students are busy and need to have a condensed, easy-to-understand information sessions to get the most out of it.

“We’re doing these express to make it very short, sweet and to the point,” Tutrani said.

Courtney Haugh, sophomore education major, said that she is usually unavailable on Monday nights but if she was free she said she would like to attend one or more of the events that the co-op center is hosting, especially “The Social Network.”

“We’re here at college to prepare for the future and I think it’s really great that Cabrini is willing to host these events and allow us as students to ‘pick their brains’ and to get comments on how to be and act professional,” Haugh said.

Tutrani said the workshops are open for everyone and anyone to attend.

“Our workshops are completely suitable for a senior to attend just as much as it is for a freshmen,” Tutrani said.  “The information that will be presented is extremely vital for everyone to know and to have a knowledge of for their career and life after college.”

On Monday, Feb. 14, “He’s Just Not That Into You” was held and focused on why some do not get a job and what students can do to land their next job.

“The Social Network” is an event on Monday, March 21 that will focus on how social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can help and sometimes hurt one’s job search.

The Monday, April 4 event titled “Accepted – Now What?” will involve the exploration of majors and various career paths for students’ futures.

“Office Space – Learn How to Look Good on paper” is an event that will happen on Monday, April 18 and will discuss the creation of resumes and cover letters.

Tutrani said she specifically works with freshmen and sophomores on career exploration activities if they are undecided and want to investigate their interests and possible choices of a major, along with assisting students on all levels from freshmen to seniors.

For some students, the co-op center is something that should be more widely publicized around campus.

Elizabeth Brennan, sophomore psychology major, said she would like to attend one of the co-op events during this semester if she did not have her art class during the 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. time slot.

“There should be more advertising for the co-op center in general because I wasn’t aware that we had something like that here to begin with,” Brennan said.

Abiu Santos, sophomore accounting major, said he has attended a few of the meetings that the co-op center held in the past and he said he would be interested in attending at least one event.

“The cover letter and resume event looks like a good one to attend,” Santos said.  “It’s vital to an employer to have a solid resume to present to them at an interview.”

“This is the first time we are doing this kind of ‘themed’ workshop series throughout the semester, so we are not sure what the attendance will be like,” Tutrani said.  “Whether it is a large group presentation or a small handful of people who attend, I will be happy as long as they are getting what they want out of the event.”

According to Tutrani, the workshops have been designed to work best in a group setting regardless of how many attend each workshop.  This way each person there can give and get feedback on what is presented after the speaker is done so that everyone can learn from each other.

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