‘Boots’ provides softball team with support, strong pitching

By MaryKate McCann
April 15, 2012

Junior Marcelle Crist is a pitcher on the women's softball team. -- Jenay Smith / Photo Editor

‘Boots,’ better known as junior criminology and sociology major Marcelle Crist, has a passion for softball, an obsession with cowgirl boots and a second language that is out of the ordinary.

Crist started her softball career at the age of 10 and has been going at it ever since. She played the sport all four years at Chichester High School in Upper Chichester, Pa. and her softball journey wasn’t going to end there.

“Cabrini College is the only place I applied to,” Crist said. “I also looked at Point Park in Pittsburgh but I just wanted to go here.”

Playing softball was not the deciding factor when it came to what college to attend.

“I came here for the education,” Crist said. “Going to grad school in California and studying the homicide department was my main focus.”

Crist’s parents have been there for her since day one. She also grew up using sign language in order to communicate with her mom. To her it wasn’t different; it was normal.

“I grew up to a language people think is difficult,” Crist said. “My mom is deaf but I didn’t think anything of it. When she yells, she really yells, because she doesn’t realize how loud or soft she is actually speaking.”

Since freshman year, ‘Boots’ has played a huge role on the Cabrini College women’s softball team. Whether she is in the game or resting, her voice is always heard.

“Her nickname is ‘Boots’ because she had an obsession with wearing cowboy boots her freshman year,” Sammy Thompson, senior shortstop, said.

“I enjoy wearing cowboy boots,” Crist said. “That was an easy target [for a nickname], I guess.”

Crist is known to make people laugh and bring up the team’s morale whenever they are down.

“Marcelle is one of the most supportive and encouraging girls on the team,” Taylor McGarvey, junior outfielder, said. “Batting against her in practice has helped me build confidence and get better at the plate.”

“As a pitcher and leader on the team, you have to know how to compose yourself,” Thompson said.  “She does a very good job of that.”

According to McGarvey, Crist loves Disney movies and enjoys going to concerts. Crist also listens to One Direction before every game.

Just like most athletes, Crist tends to be a little superstitious when it comes to games. She washes and straightens her hair before every game, even if she has to wake up early to do it.

“I also wear my pop pop’s ring on my necklace at every game,” Crist said. “I hold it while batting and let go right when the pitch is coming.”

“She always has an upbeat personality, cheering us on,” Lea Enoch, freshman outfielder, said. “I love playing with her and I’m going to miss her once she graduates next year.”

As a freshman, Crist hit .227 in 14 starts and struck out 21 batters in 90.1 innings. She received CSAC Honorable Mention and was named to the All-Academic team. Primarily a pitcher, Crist currently has a 7-9 record with 36 strikeouts in 87.1 innings pitched this season.

With a 15-19 record, the Cavs hope to finish the 2012 season strong.

“We are going to do what we can to win Cabrini College and ourselves a CSAC championship,” Crist said.

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MaryKate McCann

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