NBA lockout perspective

By Anthony Foley
November 13, 2011

The NBA lockout has put a damper on athletes, owners and fans. It is hurting the economy and athletes want an agreement made before it is too late for the season to begin.
NBA superstars such as Kobe Bryant, Deron Williams and Amare Stoudimire have all looked into or signed deals with foreignleague teams.
Solid role players such as J.R Smith, Rudy Fernandez, Wilson Chandler, Kenyon Martin, Ty Lawson and Andre Kirelinko have all been playing overseas since the respective seasons have started.
Rookies drafted this year are also out of work. I bet a lot of those young adults are mad they didn’t stay in college to play basketball and finish out getting a degree. What happens if the lockout really doesn’t end? How will the kids live or attempt to pay to go back to college?
Why is it so hard for millionaires to just split the money down 50-50? Why are they being so difficult when everyone should be happy and making money? It’s not like they are penny- pinching or broke. The players have been making more money for a long time so maybe it is time for them to give more to the owners. But then again, the players are the ones bringing the fans out and selling the jerseys.
Personally, I am fed up with this whole lockout.
I know many other fans around the world feel the same way. There is no reason why they can’t make an agreement. I feel as if they need to stop being stingy and just agree on a deal. People want to see basketball and fans are getting angry. This is putting people out of work in many places. The fans want to see the Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and the LeBron James superstars put on a show.
We already have the whole month of November cancelled and that is entirely too much. They plan on making a deal and having the first game of the shortened season on Dec. 15, but if there isn’t a deal made by then, you should just erase any ideas you have of seeing the NBA at all this year.

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Anthony Foley

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