Pitch Perfect 2: a must-see sequel for the summer

By Patrick Whalen
May 2, 2015

Pitch Perfect’s following is anticipating the sequel more and more everyday.  Anna Kendrick’s iconic role in “Pitch Perfect” made audiences fall in love.  She not only took the spotlight in her acting but also in her singing. It is not very common for a song created solely for a movie to get enough recognition and ends up being on the radio. So what does one do when a movie has this much success? They make another one.

“Pitch Perfect was by far my favorite movie last year,” Jewelia Cannizzaro, exercise science major, said. “Everything about the movie was so perfect. When I heard that there was going to be another one coming out I could not hold in my excitement. I think the reason I liked it so much was because everyone that watched it could appreciate it. I watched it with my younger cousins and my mom and dad.”

“Pitch Perfect” is coming out on May 15 this summer. It is safe to say that it is one of the most anticipated films coming out this summer. This movie will feature most of the same characters including Anna Kendrick, Adam DeVine, Skylar Astin, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson. However, there will also be some special appearances. Making some of those special appearances are the whole Green Bay Packers offensive line and linebacker Clay Matthews.

“The cast is honestly hilarious,” Katerina Zalalas, freshman at Kutztown University, said. “After I watched it for the first time I probably quoted it everyday for a solid month. My mom was not too happy about it.”

It will be hard to match the success of the first “Pitch Perfect” but it is definitely possible. If the producers bring in more songs that the audience can relate to and clever humor like the first movie, it will be a film for the ages.

“Like the first one, I think it’s going to be one of those movies that won’t get old after watching it once,” Zalalas said.


Patrick Whalen

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