Philly Sports Box Oct. 4, 2015

By Kevin Moylett
October 7, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.47.55 PMPatrick’s Q&A

Pat: The Philadelphia Eagles lost 23-20 to the Washington Redskins on Sunday. What did you think was the biggest reason for the loss?

Kevin: I would definitely have to say the offensive line once again was the biggest reason for the loss. Every time Sam Bradford had time, the Eagles were able to get the ball down the field and score. Unfortunately, there were very few plays where the line blocked well as a whole. There is no doubt the offensive line is the biggest weakness on the team.

Pat: Speaking of Bradford, what did you think of his performance?

Kevin: Bradford, as usual, got off to a slow start. In the second half, he was able to get the ball down the field and complete passes for big plays. This was the one bright spot from the game in my opinion. There has been a lot of talk that Bradford can not throw the deep ball. Well, on Sunday Bradford threw the deep ball and threw it well. Hopefully, that continues into next week.

Pat: DeMarco Murray only received eight carries in the game. The Eagles paid him a lot of money to come to Philly. Why are they not using him more?

Kevin: There were a lot of people that were skeptical of the Murray signing. I was not one of those people. At the same time, I do not understand the point of signing a running back to that big of a free agency deal and not giving him a lot of carries. I do not put Murray’s production on his shoulders. The offensive line has been terrible and besides one big half from Ryan Mathews the running game has been awful all the way around.


Kevin’s Q&A

Kevin: What did you think of the play of the Eagles defense?

Pat: I thought they played decent. They have a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball and I thought the replacements for the starters did a nice job. The Redskins offense is weak though and if the Eagles want to be an above average defense, they can not allow a game-winning 90-yard touchdown drive to an offense like the Redskins. The defense also needs to get more pressure on the quarterback. The front seven is not getting a lot of pressure and especially not a lot sacks. No pressure on the quarterback makes it harder on the defensive backs.

Kevin: The defense spent more than 40 minutes on the field. Chip Kelly has said that time of possession is not important. Do you agree with that statement?

Pat: I think time of possession is sometimes overblown but when the defense is on the field for almost three-fourths of the game— that is a problem. The defense was probably exhausted by that last drive, because the Eagles offense moves quickly and they are not putting up a lot of first downs this year so far. If the Eagles offense starts to get things together, then I think the time of possession problem will not be as a big as a deal.

Kevin: What do you think are the keys to game next week against the New Orleans Saints?

Pat: Drew Brees is not exactly in his prime anymore, but he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. The Eagles run game needs to come alive so the defense is not on the field against Brees all game. If the Eagles can do that, then they should play good enough to win. I would say the offensive line needs to play better, but I do not really see that happening as soon as next week.

Week 5 Predictions:

Kevin: Eagles 27, Saints 24

Pat: Eagles 17, Saints 27

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Kevin Moylett

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