News Briefs | Issue 16

By Brandon Desiderio
February 7, 2012

Partners Ellen Pontac, left, and Shelly Bailes, right, of Davis, California, hug Tina Reynolds, center, as they watch the ruling of Prop 8 at Cornerstone Restaurant at Headhunters in Sacramento, Calif. on Feb. 7, 2012. They married on June 16, 2008. (credit: MCT)

Prop 8 voted unconstitutional by federal court

California’s infamous Proposition 8, a law that constricted the State Constitution’s definition of marriage to only parties of the individual’s opposite sex, was voted down as unconstitutional by two-thirds majority on Tuesday, Feb. 7.

Commonly known as Prop 8, the ban was voted into effect in November 2008 by a marginal majority, with approximately 52 percent voting in favor of the proposed ban and 48 percent opposed.

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Global Forces stifle Iranian Middle Class

Despite the looming European oil embargo that will go into effect this summer, Iran is experiencing a marginalization of its citizens not because of encroaching panic about lack of oil sales, but due to the likelihood of an outbreak of war.

The embargo proposed by the European Union is part of a larger effort posed by the Western world to coerce the nation of Iran into abandoning (what is believed to be) a nuclear weapon program.

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Research halted on radioisotope

Funding for research of a radioactive isotope called technetium 99m has been cut short due to the project’s evaluation as “not commercially viable.”

Discovered with the use of a technology that General Electric developed to determine the similarities between nuclear weapon proliferation and a vital material involved in thousands of surgical procedures annually, tech 99 will now be shelved until the current economic outlook brightens.

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US Constitution loses its worldwide appeal

An emerging study will be released in The New York University Law Review’s June edition detailing the U.S. Constitution’s sharp decrease in popularity throughout the world.

Examining the similarities between its structure and those of the 729 constitutions that were published between the years of 1946 and 2006, the study’s authors discovered that the constitutions of the many democracies have grown less similar to the US Constitution.

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Wolfram Alpha will release premium version 

Less than three years ago, Stephen Wolfram created a new type of search engine, called Wolfram Alpha. Unlike Google or Yahoo, Wolfram Alpha does not crawl  the Web, searching for websites. It culls its own painstakingly curated database to find answers to questions asked in a natural language format.

After being featured on the iPhone 4S, Wolfram Alpha Pro will be released and will cost $4.99 a month, $2.99 for students.

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Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua put to rest on Monday

After a private viewing at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood, Cardinal Bevilacqua’s body was brought to the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul to lay in repose after a brief prayer service.

Citizens of the Philadelphia area paid their respects to their late archbishop on Monday, Feb. 6.  The Mass was open to the public.

Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua died last week at the age of 88.

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Dining Services offers mystery shopper experience

Students are invited to assist Cabrini’s dining services in providing good service, while getting something back at the same time.

Students can earn $20 in Flex as well as anonymously critique dining on campus.

Read the original story on | Feb. 7, 2012


Corbett announces budget, plans no tax hike

Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett announced his 27.1 billion dollar budget plan on Tuesday, Feb 7.

Corbett stuck to his pledges by saying he will manage spending by the state government.

He also said he would not raise any taxes, nor raise the state sales tax.

The budget plan for the fiscal year echoed Corbett’s first budget proposal by slashing aid to colleges and scaling back programs for the poor, elderly and disabled.

Read the original story on | Feb. 7, 2012

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Brandon Desiderio

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