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By Melissa Webb
September 8, 2010

Gas line explodes, dozens homeless

A natural gas pipe exploded under a residential community in San Bruno, Calif.  The explosion that erupted out of the 30-inch pipe killed at least four people and almost evaporated a dozen homes.
Resident Steve Hoff was unclear as to what had happened to his house, since the area had been blocked off.
“I need to know if my house burned down,” Hoff said, according to the New York Times.  “I don’t know if I have a home or not.”
Residents of the area filed complaints prior to the explosion regarding foul smelling odors, presumably natural gas.
Read original story in The New York Times | Sept. 11, 2010
Suicide bomber hits Pakistan, kills 19
A police station in northwest Pakistan was rammed by a vehicle full of explosives driven by a suicide bomber.
According to officials and local news outlets, 19 people were killed and at least 46 people were left with injuries.
The explosion did not only hit the police station. A school van passing by, a nearby mosque and a government building were all hit as well.
No one has been held responsible for the attack but suspicions have turned to the Taliban militants in the area who have been behind several attacks across the country.
Read the original story in The New York Times | Sept. 6, 2010
Obama pushes  new job plan
President Obama sought to create jobs to get the economy moving. His $6 billion six-year plan would include major upgrades to the nation’s roads, rail lines and runways.
A government-run bank that will finance innovative transportation projects will be created.
If congress approves, it calls for $50 billion in government spending right away.
Read original story in The New York Times | Sept. 6, 2010
Mexico antidrug aid withheld
$26 million in aid to Mexico   for the drug war is being witheld by the United States.
The finance is a part of a 3-year-old $1.4 billion “Merida Initiative” effort. Fifteen percent of the money for Mexico will be distributed as soon as human rights conditions improve.
Read the original story in The New York Times | Sept. 3, 2010

Melissa Webb

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