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By Carol Dwyer
November 3, 2010


U.S. develops stronger ties with India

President Obama annouced in front of India’s Parliament that he is endorsing the country for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council on Monday, Nov. 9 during his three day trip to the country.

The endorsement is likely to expand economic ties between the countries in the wake of the widening influence of China.

With India’s strained relationship with neighboring Pakistan, a key U.S. ally, the move has rattled the political scene in southern Asia.

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G.O.P. looks to overturn health care legislation

Marco Rubio, Florida Republican U.S. Senate nominee and supported by the tea-party, won the election held on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010. Rubio celebrates with his family in Coral Gables, Florida. -- MCT

New Republican leaders within the house plan to overturn President Obama’s health care reform, a promise made during their campaigns.

Although the Democrats still control the senate and Republicans are aware they don’t currently have the votes necessary to overturn Obama’s health law, they are aiming to focus on the finer points of the law and challenge certain elements of it.

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Republicans clean house

Republicans took control of the U.S. House of Representatives and gained six Senate seats on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

“We have real work to do, and this is not the time for celebration,” Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, who is likely to become the next speaker of the House, said in a New York Times article.

The midterm election voter turnout primarily reflected Americans’ concern with the economic state of the country and the Democratic agenda.

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France, Britain regain old ties

Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France and British Prime Minister David Cameron informed the press in London of their joint defense plans. The two leaders had agreed upon military planes from either countries to use French or British aircraft carriers.
This agreement would assist their research of nuclear technology while keeping the nuclear weapons separate.

They have a history of working together, with varying success of agreements made between past leaders.  Since their efforts involve military technology, how they succeed together would be felt by all countries.

Read the original story on | Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010


Corbett plans to fix state budget

Newly elected Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett will have a number of avenues to go in order to fix the state’s budget.  Corbett’s options to balance spending involve a wide range of issues to save money and, in turn, Pennsylvania’s economy.

One issue will be the Marcellus Shale drilling and how Corbett will handle it based on campaign promises.  Another issue involves liquor stores run by unions throughout the state and opponents to his plans for the stores.  Also of concern are lobbyists who represent the goals of many groups, wanting new leaders to hear their issues support them.

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Driver on wrong side of highway

An elderly Wilmington, De. woman was said to be responsible for traveling I-95 on the wrong side of the highway.  Part of the wrong-way driving also included Rt. 322 prior to when the woman merged onto I-95.  Other drivers had minor collisions with each other as attempts were made to escape the path of the vehicle going the wrong way.

Read the original story on | Friday, Nov. 5, 2010.

Neumann Univ. hosts career day

A career day event focusing on public safety and security was held at Neumann University on Saturday, Nov. 6.  The event included a wide range of related career fields to assist job-seekers with either investigative or office talents.

Career opportunities included fingerprinting, crime analysis, casino surveillance, sketch artists building inspection, as well as administration and financial departments.

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Carol Dwyer

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