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By Joe Cahill
October 27, 2010

Global & National

Iraqi church massacre kills 58

In the worst massacre of Iraqi Christians in Iraq since the war started in 2003, 58 people were killed at Our Lady of Salvation Church on Monday, Nov. 1.  An associate of Al Qaeda committed the massacre.
Before the war began, Iraqi Christians numbered from 800,000 to 1.4 million and since 2003, those numbers have shrunk to about half.  This is due to emigration from Iraq because of the high numbers of deaths due to the conflict.

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Packages with bombs found by officials

Had it not been for a last minute tip from Saudi Arabia’s intelligence service that packages concealing bombs were marked for the U.S., a number of cargo and passenger planes could have carried at least two bombs to the U.S.

The packages were sent from Yemen and were discovered in Britain and Dubai.

The tip and subsequent dismantling of the terrorist plot reminded officials of the importance of handling intelligence quickly and efficiently.

However, the ease at which the packages went through security and the distance they traveled without being found put a spotlight on the security around cargo flights.

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Haliburton aware of falty base at BP well

An investigation led by the presidential commission found that Halliburton officials knew well ahead of time that the cement mixture used to seal the bottom of the BP well was unstable.

Officials went ahead with the project and the well eventually exploded.

Halliburton conducted three laboratory trials that had evidence that proved the mixture didn’t meet with industry policies.

“There is no indication that Halliburton highlighted to BP the significance of the foam stability data or that BP personnel raised any questions about it,” Fred H. Bartlit Jr., the panels lead investigator, said in a letter given to the commissioners.

Read the original story on | Thursday Oct. 29, 2010

British drug co. settles lawsuit

GlaxoSmithKline, a large British drug distributor, will pay $750 million in a settlement of criminal and civil complaints that they knowingly sold infected baby ointment and an antidepressant that proved to be mute.

Twenty drugs that GlaxoSmithKline sold were made in a Puerto Rican plant that had been contaminated for years.

Read the original story on | Tuesday Oct. 26, 2010

Region & Campus

Biden backs Lentz at Radnor

Vice President Joe Biden appeared at the Radnor Sulpizio Gym in Wayne in support of congressional candidate Bryan Lentz.  Lentz (D) who lost on Tuesday, Nov. 2 to Pat Meehan (R) in the election for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.

Read the original story on | Wednesday Oct. 27, 2010

Valley Forge deer-kill gets go-ahead

Valley Forge National Park will allow hunters to systematically reduce the park’s deer population.  Despite protests and suits from animal rights’ activists, Judge Mitchell S. Goldberg ruled in favor of the deer hunt.

Representatives for the park state the move is “vital for the integrity of the park,” as some 1200 whitetail deer consume more plants than the park can naturally regenerate.

The program allows 85 percent of the deer population to be removed through “sharpshooting, euthanasia, and capture,” after which the park hopes to employ birth control techniques.

Read the original story on | Wednesday Oct. 30, 2010

Student project nominated for national award

Three Cabrini students were  nominated for Best Feature at the College Broadcasters Inc. 2010 student award competition lost to U.C. Berkley’s graduate school of journalism.

“Behind the Strut,” a radio documentary about the Philadelphia Mummers was created by senior communication majors Joe Cahill, Gianna Shikitino and Kerri Dougherty.

Despite the loss, the documentary was selected as one of four projects across the United States.  The project was a yearlong effort and has garnered support and praise from the Mummers Association.

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Joe Cahill

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