New semester, new Covid-19 guidelines: What you need to know

By Sydnee Reddy
September 7, 2021

In anticipation of the fall semester of 2021, Cabrini sent out numerous emails throughout the summer that informed the community of the Covid-19 mitigation measures that are in the best interest of the safety and health of our community. Yet, these mitigation measures are subject to change as the pandemic still rages on and as the Delta variant case numbers are rising.

Mask Policy 

In an email sent out on July 14, Cabrini only required unvaccinated people to wear a mask indoors and all in non-private congregate settings such as classrooms. Less than a month later, Cabrini changed its stance on the mask policy on campus. The email with the new updated policy sent on August 5 states that regardless if a person is vaccinated or unvaccinated, masks are required to be worn indoors in all non-private congregate settings. But Masks aren’t required outdoors or in your private office or residence. This policy change aligns with the CDC recommending that vaccinated people continue to wear masks indoors in places that have high transmission rates.

“As of the beginning of August, with the highly infectious Delta variant of the virus accounting for the vast majority of new COVID-19 cases in the United States,” Dr.Stephen Rupprecht, dean of students said. ” Delaware County’s transmission rate has been classified by the CDC as “substantial,” placing our county in the high-risk category. The new guidance also indicates that vaccinated individuals can be infected with the Delta variant and spread it to others.”

Cabrini signing stating mask requirement for inside of buildings.
Photo by Sydnee Reddy

Vaccination Policy

Cabrini has required that all faculty, staff, and students be fully vaccinated for the Fall semester. President Donald Taylor put out a video when the news of having to be fully vaccinated was sent out to the Cabrini community. For students, faculty, and staff who choose not to be vaccinated, either due to a medical condition or religious belief, an exemption process is available. Before heading to campus, every student and employee has to fill out a vaccination status survey so they can take the appropriate steps to keep the community safe this fall.

Residence Halls

Proof of vaccination or an approved exemption is required from students who plan on living on campus in the fall before they even get a key for their room. Non-residential and overnight guests such as commuters and non-Cabrini student guests are prohibited from entering residence halls. If you live on campus and are unvaccinated you can’t enter any resident halls besides your own. If you are vaccinated and you live on campus you are allowed to visit other resident halls. 

Covid-19 Testing

Cabrini will be requiring all unvaccinated members of the community, which includes employees, commuter students, and residential students to be regularly tested for Covid-19. Testing will occur on campus and expenses will be covered by the school

Contact tracing and Covid infection

As done before this past school year all community members are required to monitor their health and report and Covid symptoms to Health Services if you are a student and if you are an employee Human resources, this still is required for fully vaccinated people on campus. Cabrini, following CDC guidelines, states that unvaccinated persons are required to quarantine if contact tracing identifies them as a primary contact. Vaccinated people are not required to quarantine if listed as a primary contact, but will still be required to cooperate with employees conducting contact tracing. If unvaccinated you will be instructed to isolate based on having Covid-like symptoms, and in the case that a vaccinated person is infected they will need to isolate also.

Dining on campus 

While walking around the dining options on campus, regardless of vaccination status you will be required to wear a mask. Take-out and outdoor seating are still options for the dining options on campus. If you do sit down and eat in any of the dining options inside, you are allowed to take your mask off while you eat. 

If you have any questions about any of the following university’s policies this year regarding Covid-19, please contact Dean of students Stephen Rupprecht at or Health Services at

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Sydnee Reddy

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