Teen pregnancy glamorized on TV

By Alexandra Rodolico
January 25, 2011

So is anyone else seriously disturbed by the current season of “Teen Mom?”

If last season wasn’t bad enough with Amber continuously beating up the father of her baby, Gary, MTV brings in Janelle this season who treats her mom like absolute trash.

I could barely watch the season premiere when Janelle continuously cursed her mom off and threatened to punch her in the face.  I could never imagine talking to either of my parents that way, especially if they were trying to help me out if I had gotten pregnant at 16.

MTV’s thought process in putting “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” on air was to portray the difficulties that come with teenage pregnancy and hoped that teenage girls and boys would think twice before engaging in sexual encounters.

However, in my opinion, I think these two shows are causing more teen pregnancies than before they aired.

The girls on these shows are almost becoming celebrity worthy. They are constantly on covers of magazines and being talked about on shows like “E! News.”  It was reported that “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” star, Amber Portwood, made an estimated $280,000 last year. $280,000 for getting pregnant as a teenager and showing your life on TV? Really?

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People that have a college degree and have a decent job can’t even make that much money in one year. There have also been rumors that season one “Teen Mom,” Farrah Abraham, received a boob job with the money she was making from the show.

Young girls are very naïve and all they see out of this is a chance to have their own show on MTV and get on the cover of magazines; so why not get pregnant at a young age.

There has been a recent pregnancy epidemic at Frayser High School in Memphis, Tennessee where 90 students are reportedly pregnant or have given birth in the past year and people are blaming the MTV show.

Yes, I do admit that the show does portray the tough times that these young moms are going through, like Leah in the new season of “Teen Mom.” She has to deal with one of her twins that isn’t developing correctly and may have nerve damage.

It does show that having a baby is a full-time job and even the strongest couples can’t manage to stay together during such a stressful period.  However, on the other side some girls are just seeing an opportunity to get on the newest season of “16 and Pregnant.”

I do know moms that have gotten pregnant at a young age and I am not bashing them at all because they are doing it the right way. They aren’t looking for any perks coming out of it besides a happy and healthy baby.

I understand MTV’s purpose of having this show and I know there are many people out there that see this show and truly understand how hard it is to raise a baby at a young age.

On the other hand, I do not think that MTV and the media should make these young moms’ into celebrity status by having them on every magazine cover and on talk shows all the time.

There are plenty of young mom’s out there who I’m sure wouldn’t be opposed to getting some extra cash but their main priority is their child and that’s the way it should be. Not how famous and how much money you can earn by it.

Read the opposing view by Jamie Santoro,  ‘Teen Mom’ has some benefits

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Alexandra Rodolico

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