Portman film has audiences attached

By Alexandra Rodolico
January 25, 2011

For all of the women out there that are sick of men just using you for sex and stringing you along while they are perfectly fine with that and nothing more, then “No Strings Attached” is the movie for you.

In most movies like this, the roles are reversed.  Normally, the male role is the one to make the arrangement where the two will use each other for sex and that’s it.

No dates.  No falling in love.  No getting attached.  Of course, this never works.  The female role always gets attached and winds up falling in love with the guy and wanting more than just sex.  The guy usually gets freaked out and realizes this agreement won’t work out and cuts it off leaving the girl heartbroken.  However, this movie gives hope for all the hopeless romantics out there that some men actually do want more than just sex.

Natalie Portman plays the role of Emma, a hard-working doctor in training that has no time for relationships and is content with being alone after seeing her parent’s rocky marriage.  Ashton Kutcher plays the role of Adam, a corky, fun-loving production assistant who works on the set of a “Glee” like television show.     The two originally meet at the age of 12 at a summer camp and throughout the years run into each other from time to time until they find themselves living in the same city at the same time.  One morning they end up having sex and instead of risking their friendship and making things awkward, they decide to make a deal to become “sex friends.”

They set their rules, “no calling in the middle of the day and saying you were ‘just thinking about me,’  no crying, no jealousy.”  The plan seems flawless and the two think nothing can go wrong.  However, as in most cliché romantic movies, it leaves the audience wondering who will be the first to fall in love with the other.

The chemistry between Portman and Kutcher is very believable.  It was like a magnet between them and there was no stopping the connection. The relationship they shared onscreen is very relatable to many couples that are out there.  In the end, it proves that there are more things to a relationship just sex and you need that person there to pick you up when your down and make you laugh when it feel likes you’re having the worst day.

Although “No Strings Attached” is a typical cliché romantic comedy, it gives a twist that most movies don’t and reverses the role that shows women can overpower men.  Portman proves to the audience that she actually is a very funny person which people aren’t used to seeing especially after her dramatic role in “Black Swan.” Ashton Kutcher is the same fun-loving guy that he is in most of his comedies.

It’s the perfect date night movie and at the same time is a perfect movie for a girls night out.  A great start to what surely will be one of many great movies in 2011.

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Alexandra Rodolico

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