Montana Bray – from fitness to music to graduation

By K. Liam Shrader
April 8, 2014

Montana spins dials
Montana spins dials

I’ve seen Montana around – we’ve met a time or two at a party or friend’s place, but it wasn’t until interviewing him that I was able to gain a sense of his ambition.

Montana mixing music. (Amy Held/Staff Photographer)
Montana mixing music. (Amy Held/Staff Photographer)

Montana Bray is graduating this May with a degree in exercise science and health promotion, but his college experience has not been the typical four-year plan.  He started college in 2008 at age 15, after a “gifted children” program allowed him to finish high school early, and has studied and transferred from seven different schools before calling Cabrini his home.  With graduation less than two months away, he already has three job offers, all in his desired field.  Not something many students these days can say prior to graduating.

Apart from his passion for fitness, he loves music.  After he’s finished school Montana plans to split time between his offered jobs and taking audio engineering classes so he can learn to produce music professionally.  Many people on campus are familiar with Montana’s musical interests and know he DJ’s as Monty B, playing parties and putting up remixes and original tracks to his Sound Cloud page, and like everything else he does, he has big plans for his music dreams.  Over the coming years he wants to put out more of his own material and eventually be someone that his classmates will be buying tickets to go see.

“I dream big, but I don’t give up easily and don’t mind working hard for something I really am passionate about,” he says.

He’s been making good use of his time left at Cabrini.  Currently, Montana spends his days at his internship, working at a local gym, and keeping up with his studies. He enjoys being a member of Alpha Delta Gamma, the college’s fraternity, and participating in community service and fundraisers.  When he’s not busy with work or school related activities you can find him at a club or a concert.

Sad to see his college-life and his time at Cabrini come to an end, Montana wishes his friends all the best in their remaining schoolwork and in life.

Bray has the whole setup in his dorm room. (Amy Held/Staff Photographer)
Bray has the whole setup in his dorm room. (Amy Held/Staff Photographer)

It’s sure a bright and busy future ahead for him as he gets to work on both his professional and musical careers, and even dips his hand in a few entrepreneurial interests as well.  One of which is an invention that he is currently in the works of getting patented.  And although he couldn’t go into specifics of what it is, you may be seeing it in a Spencer’s Gifts in the coming years.

So whether he’s headlining music festivals as Monty B, the next celebrity personal trainer, or coming up with next years hot, new product, I’m sure we can expect something big out of Montana in the future.

K. Liam Shrader

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