Romney rallies in Wayne

By Robert Riches
September 29, 2012

Former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney speaking at a rally in Ohio. Romney held a rally at the Valle Forge Military Academy in Wayne on Sept. 28.

Addressing and reinforcing his five points to build a stronger middle class was  the focus of a Presidential candidate’s visit to Wayne on Friday, Sept. 28.

Former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney addressed a standing-room only crowd, with hundreds upon thousands of supporters crowding Mellon Hall on the campus of Valley Forge Military Academy. Cabrini senior Thomas Biddle described the line to get in as “like a mile long.”

“I’ll make sure the younger people today can get jobs tomorrow,” Romney said, addressing his five-point plan which has been a focal point of his campaign.

The event began with an acoustic set from prominent 1980’s country band Baillie and the Boys. Following the set, Valley Forge president Colonel Jim Doyle as well as several prominent Pennsylvania politicians took the stage including Springfield Republican Party Chairman Michael Puppio, Congressman Jim Gerlach, Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, Senate candidate Tom Smith and Senator Pat Toomey.

“I think there’s momentum here in Pa.,” Smith said. “I think it’s looking good. There’s a possibility that we can take the White House and the Senate. I’m optimistic.”

During his address, Senator Toomey implied that it may be time for new blood in the White House.

“I would suggest that it’s time for change,” Toomey said.

Members of the Cabrini community provided a presence at the rally as well, with it taking place within a ten-minute walk from campus. Staff, students and alumni were all in attendance.

“I thought the group was very optimistic,” chief facilities engineer Bob Iodice said. “I think the message from Gov. Romney was pretty positive.”

Recent alumni and students of the College were in attendance at the rally, which can be seen as positive taking into account the importance and urgency of the youth vote.

“I think [Romney]’s gonna help the young students get jobs,” Brandon Redmond, class of 2012 alumnus, said. “As a graduate this past year, I still haven’t gotten a job…there’s not a lot of jobs open right now.”

Supporters in attendance were hopeful and optimistic that Romney can pull off a victory in November, even though recent polls show President Barack Obama holding a slim lead over Romney.

Romney came out to speak with Kid Rock’s hit “Born Free” serving as his entrance music. Throngs of supporters started chants such as “Let’s Go Mitt!” and “U-S-A!” through thunderous applause.

“His speech was great, I hope he wins,” senior Gabrielle Bruno said.

Romney presented his five points for what he’d want to implement as President and detailed why his policies would work better than President Obama’s. He addressed the Valley Forge cadets seated behind him and shook their hands following the rally.

One of the more common discussion points among each politician that spoke was a desire for a change in American leadership. They believed that the country would not be able to afford another four years under President Obama.

“It’s time for America to lead again,” Romney said, “and I will lead.”

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Robert Riches

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