Michael Krencicki

By Kelsey Alvino
November 3, 2010

At the age of seven Michael Krencicki had already found his passion in life, singing. Growing up in Havertown, Pa.,  Krencicki’s first memories of music had much to do with the famous sounds of Broadway.

“I grew up with music in my house. I would sing along to popular Broadway soundtracks like ‘South Pacific’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera,’” Krencicki said.

Although singing in the house seemed to please Krencicki, he and his family decided to take his love for singing to the next level.

“I auditioned for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia boys choir and still remember to this day how nervous I was. It was my first audition and I made the cut,” Krencicki said.

Growing up with experience in the performing arts, it came to be no surprise that Krencicki branched out from singing and into theater during his middle-school years.

“I learned how comfortable I was being on stage. It brought me enjoyment and I had a sense that I belonged up there,” Krencicki said.

After being so passionate about performing for most of  his life, Krencicki surprisingly did not continue to pursue theater in high school, although singing was never left behind.

“In high school I participated in chorus and had a good time with people I was with, but theater was not for me. Theater has a lot to do with who you are working with,” Krencicki said.

Deciding to come to Cabrini was the next big step in Krencicki’s life along with the choice of getting back into acting.

“Starting school is hard for many people and going to audition was a great decision. I met a lot of people and felt comfortable at school,” Krencicki said.

Since Krencicki has arrived at Cabrini he has been involved with eight shows and the prep work for each has not been easy.

“I remember I was always that person who would forget lines and just keep going and make them up as I went along,” Krencicki said.

Never realizing the problems that this can cause for the rest of the cast he was given a friendly wake-up call by one of his cast mates who released a fire in Krencicki for him to improve on his show preparation.

“One of my cast mates came up to me and said, ‘you’re a great guy and a great actor but you need to remember your lines. You are throwing everyone else off and we just can’t have that.’ This is when I realized that I was not only acting for myself. I wanted to make the show great for everyone on the cast. These were my friends,” Krencicki said.

The production of “Lend me a Tenor” has been Krencicki’s favorite show through his five years performing at Cabrini. In this comedy he plays Max, who is described as the nerdy, underdog assistant.  “Lend me a Tenor” is Krencicki’s eighth production at Cabrini.

“I made sure I memorized the entire show three weeks into practicing,” Krencicki said. “I wanted to be able to do my best and with my two friends, Doug and Maddie, and my great mentor and director,  Dr. Stretton, being with me through every show has really helped me find confidence in my performing,” Krencicki said.

Krencicki is currently the only person at Cabrini with a major in disability advocacy and support.  Having a brother with a disability, Krencicki has always been an advocate for people to live self -determined lives.

“My goals for my future relating to my major would be to work in a school and gain experience in a special education room but then to advance the care and opportunities for these kids past their graduating year and into adulthood,” Krencicki said.

As for continuing theater in the future, Krencicki is hesitant but described a goal of his involvment in the performing arts.

“I want to make it possible for people with disabilities to be able to audition and take part in productions. My brother just auditioned for his first play. Being able to help someone reach their goals is important,” Krencicki said.

With the support of many people in his life, he is working to return the favor.

Pursuing a career in helping others in the classroom as well as on the stage, Krencicki has begun to turn his dreams into reality. Theater is a major part of Krencicki’s life that he will continue to share with others while at Cabrini.

“I want to be able to do well for myself and for the great friends I’ve made through doing this production. Because of them, I am successful,” Krencicki said.

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Kelsey Alvino

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