Love is just around the corner

By Geri Lynn Utter
February 7, 2002

After reading Alexis’s story on “hooking-up” and the infamous “walk-of-shame,” I laughed out loud. A lot of what Alexis wrote about is true.

If you haven’t noticed there are not many male students wandering around campus. There are 432 male and 798 female, full-time students currently attending Cabrini according to Karen Karlsen, assistant registrar. Let’s do the math. There are approximately two women to every one male at Cabrini. The guys definitely seem to enjoy it. Let’s face it; they have their pick of who they want to “hook-up” with, while the only thing the women get are slim pickings. Don’t be offended, guys; I’m not saying that you aren’t good enough. I’m just saying that you are few and far between.

So, what does all this have to do with “hooking-up?” The answer is simple. More women around campus tend to have a higher-risk of becoming a random “hook-up” or taking the “walk-of shame” because there are not enough guys for all of us women. But, believe it or not, ladies, there is hope.

Most of us will meet our future husband or wife at college or within an eight-mile radius from our homes according to Dr. Young, English professor. Go ahead laugh, I did the first time I heard it in Dr. Young’s 19th Century British Literature class last semester. You’re probably asking how I went from “hooking-up” to marriage, only to prove a point, and restore hope for the single-females at Cabrini. I know for many of us the thought of marriage had never entered our minds. However, if Dr. Young is right, one of those random “hook-ups” we experience all too often may become a husband or wife. I don’t want any of you guys to become panic-stricken because I used the “M” word, but I had to restore the hope of the women on campus.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I would hate to see anyone down in the dumps because they didn’t have anyone special to spend it with. Even if you don’t, remember, your love is either on this campus or within an eight-mile radius from your home. So, ladies and even guys, this might make you think twice about taking the infamous “walk-of-shame” at 9 a.m. Friday morning.

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Geri Lynn Utter

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