Loquitur Dome: The Eternal Debate

By Marianne McKim
March 15, 2001

Consider this: You have three tests coming up that you don’t even have a clue as to what you are supposed to be studying.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? It is all to familiar for me. I am often overloaded with work and it is mostly on my own terms. I try to keep myself busy and experience as much as I can, and sometimes it’s just a little too much to handle.

I get very stressed.

Throughout my years of experience with stress, I have finally found that one thing that will relieve me from all my worries and troubles: dancing.

I’m not talking about ballet or tap. I am talking about getting on that dance floor and dancing your heart out to all kinds of club sounds. From techno, house, hip-hop, reggae or club, they all have special meanings to me. I can picture it now: a smokey room, people all around doing their thing and there it is, the dance floor.

Nothing gets me more relaxed than walking out on the floor, even if no one is there, just closeing my eyes and ripping it up.

I didn’t go anywhere special to relax for spring break. I wasn’t lying on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean. I was at home going out just about every night of the week with my friends, having a good time, and most importantly, dancing. Dancing is a big part of my life. I never feel so relaxed or at ease. I just free myself and let the beat control my body.

This semester had me so tense and as I sit here and recall the events that took place in the last week, my body is probably thanking me. Starting last Friday up until this past Saturday night, I went out and danced every night with the exception of Sunday night. Even though my friends had to get up early for work the next day, I dragged them along with me to the clubs and bars and had a spectacular time. I have never danced so much in my life, but I never felt so good.

Dancing is not only a huge stress reliever for me but also great exercise. When my body feels good then so does my mind. When my mind feels good, then I am stress free.

I understand that dancing is not for everyone. I know many people that would never even step foot on a dance floor, in my case that would be devastating. Whether it is in a club, a bar or the comfort of my own house, I will dance anytime, anywhere if I feel the need to relax. It has become a part of my life that will hopefully never end. So as the semester is kicking in again, I am going to put on one of my favorite techno CDs and dance `till my heart’s content.

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Marianne McKim

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