Life & Basketball: Ace Henry brings leadership and experience for the Cav’s

By Angelica Little
December 9, 2015

When Ace Henry transferred in from Salem Community College in New Jersey, he knew Cabrini would be the right fit for him. The New Castle, Delaware native is currently in his senior year but only his second at Cabrini. He still feels as though he’s fit in with everyone here.

In addition to being a student, he is a guard for the men’s basketball team. At six feet tall, he averages 14.8 minutes a game and boasts a .433 three-point field goal percentage and .667 free throw percentage.

His shooting ability has improved in his time on the court.

“He’s our best shooter,” head coach Tim McDonald said. “As of right now, he’s been coming off the bench to give us that spark on the offensive end. His three point shooting ability helps open up the floor for other guys, opens up driving lanes.”

Henry took advantage of the summer and improved other areas of his game.

“He’s also gotten much better at playing defense, and his ball handling has gotten better also,” McDonald said. “We look to him to attack and find open guys on the floor and perimeter.”

No. 4 Ace Henry, senior guard, pictured above coming towards the home bench. PHOTO FOR PUB / KEITH BROWN

The basketball team is composed of 14 freshmen and sophomores and two juniors, making Henry the forerunner for becoming a leader for his team. McDonald attributed Henry’s maturity and court awareness as to what makes him a leader. He also embraces the role that he’s come into.

“We had seniors last year and I was learning from them,” Henry said. “I’m the senior now. I’ve moved up being the older person on the team that people might come to and look to for energy and motivation.” It is his positivity that teammate Deryl Bagwell will miss.

“Ace is always a positive player and it helps me stay positive too,” Bagwell said. Bagwell believes that Henry will be a successful as he says he will be.

“I’m excited for him,” Bagwell said. “I know he’s been working hard so I know he will do great in life.”
Despite his season being over during 2016, he knows that the game has allowed him to apply different skills into his everyday life.

“Playing basketball teaches you how to work, how to be a leader and get along with other people towards a common goal,” Henry said. Looking back on his basketball career, Henry recounted one accomplishment in particular that he’s most proud of.

“When I was at Salem Community College, I made the all-academic team for the region for two straight semesters,” Henry said. “It was a good feeling. In high school I struggled with classwork because I didn’t apply myself. In college I wanted to show I could get good grades and apply myself.”
He looks forward to taking his passion for a sport and molding it into his career path as he starts a new life.

“I know I want to be in the sports field,” Henry said. “I want to be with a sports team.” When it comes to the future, he sees basketball still holding an important role.

“With basketball, I want to go until I can’t go anymore,” Henry said. “I’m going to try to get into the semi-pro leagues and keep getting better. It’s a long road, but I know I can do it by working hard.”
Coach McDonald will miss Henry’s presence on and off the court.

“We’ll miss his shooting on the floor. There’s some games where he catches fire and he’s hard to defend,” McDonald said. “Off the floor, he has a great personality. He gets along well with all the guys. I get along with him great; we have good, open communication. So I’ll miss Ace just as a person.”

Angelica Little

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