Job opportunities near campus for students to make some money

By Faith Pitsikoulis
October 30, 2019

Students at Cabrini have many opportunities to find jobs outside of class, athletics or any other activity they may be involved in around campus.

Target in King of Prussia is always hiring to fill cashier positions and offers flexible hours for different class schedules. Walmart is another flexible cashier job. Many students are able to shop for clothing, school supplies and groceries after they are done their shifts.

Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s both offer fast food jobs that work around class schedules, and drug stores like Rite Aid and CVS do not require much commitment. These chains are good jobs for students who are looking to make money, but do not want a stressful schedule. Starbucks gives employees an abundant amount of benefits for their hard work. Students would receive a 30 percent discount on all merchandise, food and beverages from Starbucks and a free premium Spotify subscription. The King of Prussia Mall is full of employment opportunities too.

“I work at Yankee Candle in the mall,” Victoria Lepore, sophomore business management major, said. “It’s quite slow, but I like it.  I get there by taking the shuttle.”

The mall is a great place for discounts on clothing, food or sportswear. Students have the opportunity to receive discounts at stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and American Eagle.

Wag! app on Apple App Store. Photo by Faith Pitsikoulis

Students who live nearby campus or know the area well can look into pet sitting. There are plenty of dog walking jobs throughout neighborhoods in Wayne. Wag! is the most popular dog walking app that allows people to book dog walkers on-demand. The app can be found on Google Play and requires completion of an application process. Students must pass a quiz on dog safety and a test on the different harnesses used for each dog in order to start walking.

If students have friends who need help with a class, the Radnor Library is a prime location to go and tutor people. Tutoring can also be beneficial for tutors themselves, because it allows students to review the same material they might be tested on as well.

Grocery stores can be very helpful due to various jobs that need to be filled. Students who are social and like interacting with people can be upfront as cashiers, while those who are more introverted are able to put out produce and stack shelves. Cabrini is in close proximity to stores like Acme, Wegmans and Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s grocery store in Gateway Shopping Center. Photo by Faith Pitsikoulis

Multiple jobs at a time can sometimes be stressful, but other times both jobs can be well managed. Employers who offer flexible hours and understand the daily workload of a college student will make for an overall positive work experience.”

“I have two jobs off campus,” Joe Nguyen, sophomore marketing major, said. “I work at Superdry, which is a retail store in the mall, and I work at a gym called Lifetime Fitness.”

Nguyen continued to discuss the benefit of working out for free after his shift at the gym. An example of one of the many perks students can earn while working during a semester.

“It’s not really stressful working two jobs, because I’m very good at my time management skills,” Nguyen said. “I always set time aside to do work.”

Faith Pitsikoulis

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