Jamie Oliver makes healthy food his mission

By Elizabeth Krupka
April 5, 2010

With his thick British accent and pristine white apron, this “Naked Chef” is taking over the American food industry. There’s only one man that could revolutionize the way Americans are eating.

James Trevor “Jamie” Oliver hails from Essex, England. Oliver has a diehard passion for healthy food. He is trying to infuse the American people with that craving for health food as well.

He is reaching the heart of all Americans through his television show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. The ABC series piloted on Sunday, March 21, at 10 p.m. with a whopping 6.2 million viewers.

“The concept of the show is really cool. It’s really shocking to see this British chef come and completely change a school’s food menu in a matter of a week! It really shows viewers that healthy options are possible, they just take a little time to figure out,” Kaitlyn Vent, sophomore education major, said.

The whole concept of the show is that Oliver picks the cities with the highest mortality rate, due to obesity, and completely overhauls the style of food. The first place that Oliver visited was Huntington, W. Va. This is statistically the unhealthiest city in the United States.

Oliver went to an elementary school and was completely appalled by the food that the school was serving.

After one day watching all of the processed and frozen food be ingested by elementary school students Oliver had menus already planned.

“This television show is an awesome idea. I am really interested in nutrition and it is cool to see this guy come to schools and be able to make nutritious lunches for school students. It makes me realize that it is possible to eat healthy everywhere,” Mandi Smith, sophomore graphic design major, said.

Nutrition is the No. 1 focus on Oliver’s system. No processed foods, no frozen foods and nothing coming out of a box. On the first episode the lunch women were making mashed potatoes from a box and Oliver about had a panic attack realizing what these students were ingesting.

Oliver also stated multiple times that if this is what is happening in just this school alone, he couldn’t imagine what students are eating at other schools.

“I think that ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ is bringing much-needed attention to the issue of school food. The Child Nutrition Act is being reevaluated this year so seeing exactly what the kids are eating can maybe help bring about reform. The fact that it’s being broadcast on national television will help get the word out to a bigger population. Maybe parents will want change and do something to get a change after watching the show,” said Anne Konicki, senior exercise science major, said.

This is exactly what Jamie Oliver wants, for people to watch and realize that the food they are serving is not healthy for their families and children.

Healthy doesn’t mean frozen and processed and Oliver has made schools and families realize that it is possible to do healthy in a timely manner.

“I will never eat a chicken nugget again after watching the show,” Konicki said.

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Elizabeth Krupka

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