Jab your way into Maryanne Luther’s kickboxing class

By Justine DiFilippo
March 22, 2001

Photo retrieved from www.akakickboxing.com

by Justine Di Filippo
assistant photo editor

Kick, jab, side step. As the class follows the instructors’ commands, sweat is dripping off their beet red faces. Keeping up with the beat of the music is the key to the workout. The students asked for a tough workout and they got it.

The Dixon Center offers a kickboxing class at 8p.m. on Tuesdays. The class started in January and has quickly gained participants. As many as 20 participants join the Tuesday class, but there’s still room for more.

Maryanne Luther, the instructor of the class, moved here from California and sent in a resume to Tracey Greenwood, the fitness director here at Cabrini. Luther had previous experience and was exactly what the class needed. Tracey said, “It was a blessing Maryanne crossed our path. It’s hard to find good instructors.”

Luther has been an instructor for 16 years and her enthusiasm brings life into the aerobic experience. She got interested in fitness when she was 14 years old; she had joined a health club and became a regular at the aerobic classes. The teacher of her classes would frequently leave the room and would tell Luther to take over because she knew the routines. She had started teaching her own classes at the age of 15 after being certified and kept on going. Outside of Cabrini she has a degree in speech pathology, and teaches English as a second language.

Along with teaching kickboxing, Luther also teaches Yoga on Thursday.

Kickboxing helps build muscles in the arms as well as overall development. Luther said, “It’s a kick butt workout and it is not as much impact on the body as jogging.” She also gives a little advice for those who are trying to loose a few pounds, “Go slowly. Set long time goals, be comfortable doing it and respect your body.”

Sophomore Kelly Wilson attends the class every week as part of a New Year’s resolution. After the class she was asked how she felt. After one class Wilson said, “I feel good, I feel like I could take on the world.” She suggests that everyone come and tries the class. “It gives me a lot of energy afterward,” she stated.

First Year Student Haven McMickle goes about every other week. She would describe the class by saying, “I have a lot of fun in this class I almost forget I am working out.” After the class she said, “I feel energized like the battery.”

The class runs an hour long, though participants are encouraged to go get water or rest when they need it. A water break is given in the middle of the class so that no one overexerts himself or herself. If you are looking for a different way to loose some extra pounds try the kickboxing class.

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Justine DiFilippo

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