ISIS, what is America getting from them?

By Jessica Tennett
April 13, 2016

ISIS is a force that needs to be stopped, but is the United States responsibility to do so? Photo Credit: Creative Commons

ISIS is a word that people everywhere know. It is a word that sends shivers down your spine, while at the same time enraging individuals.

2014 marked the start of ISIS, creating terror around the world. It has institutionalized rape and slavery in many different countries. ISIS is not just designated to the area of western Iraq and eastern Syria, but has created an “allegiance” in radical Islamic groups around the world.

ISIS has killed thousands, feeling no remorse-only pleasure. Is this what the world has come to? Governing out of self-pleasure and terror rather than governing with hopes of a bright future?

They have become the most dominant terrorist group around the world, and are only getting started. So what is ISIS’s motive, you ask? To allow those Sunni communities who were neglected by the Shiites to feel in control through violence.

This was the start of ISIS, and now that they feel they have control over individuals who did them wrong in the past, they have decided to t
ake that power and destroy other countries along the way.

Should America get involved? Absolutely not. We have been fighting this war way too long, and too many soldiers are being killed. Soldiers are fighting for their lives, but in the end the war between the United States and ISIS is only going to deepen.

As previously stated, ISIS was formed in regards to the rivalry between Sunni and Shiites; America should have no part in this battle. America cannot solve the deep-rooted rivalry, but only endanger our country in the end.

If ISIS is defeated in Iraq, how will America defeat ISIS in Syria? The answer: another war will have to be funded, both in Iraq and Syria only costing the United States more money that they do not have.

The U.S. needs to decide if sending troops to fight ISIS is the best decision for our country. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

In theory, if Americans do defeat ISIS, American soldiers’ jobs are not done. America will still have to defend territory in Iraq, and be exposed to IEDs.  According to Huff Post Politics, “the United States has spent close to $6 trillion in both wars, and and each IED costs around $30 to make.”

I believe that Americans are better off staying away from ISIS and getting involved in battles that we do not need to fight. The United States is already in enough debt, why create more debt by fighting unnecessary wars.

Although soldiers fight for the freedom of our country, is it possible to think about the amount of soldiers’ lives that were lost without there being a step in the right direction? For once let us make soldiers’ safety in our own country a priority, rather than people in other countries being our main concern.

Jessica Tennett

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