Internships: never too early, never too late.

By Renee DiPietro
September 12, 2002

College is college. No matter which one you are at, you are not doing something unique with your life. I hope you didn’t believe anything otherwise.

I’m not trying to be harsh, but going to college is not a unique decision. Millions of other young adults are doing the same as you, getting an education, spending money, breaking the rules, making new friends and taking in the best and/or worse of every situation. Whether it is starting a brand new club or being robbed at the bookstore, getting involved in two thousand activities or being a hermit all semester, someone is feeling and doing all the same somewhere else.

Sounds pretty generic right? Everyone is falling into one of the categories or another of playing sports, acting in plays, being an individual, finding his or her own grove and etcetera. But there is a University that really stands out in my mind as being different.

It is Drexel University in Philadelphia. Drexel students can attend a five-year program that includes three six-month, nicely paid, co-ops and one fine looking resume. The trimesters and extra year of school turn some people away from applying to Drexel, but the many students who do choose to attend really havethe advantage over so many of us.

Drexel students graduate with over a year of work experience in the “real world.” If you do not understand the big deal with having work experience, you will when you are looking for a job after graduation. Your work history is probably going to be the greatest factor that decides your hiring or not.

If you do not participate in a co-op or internship throughout your college years, you are making it all that much harder for yourself. Drexel students have the advantage with their many co-op connections, but they are not as special as I have made them out to be.

Our Co-op Office offers just as great a service. the only problem is that you have to lift your foot and take the first step. It doesn’t matter how many times you hear about the co-op office or are advised to work an internship into your schedule, you cannot actually go through with theprocess until you yourself initiate it. So I just wanted to remind you, get

hungry for experience. It is never too late or too early for an internship. I guarantee that the experience is going to amount to more than you might expect, on and off the resume.

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Renee DiPietro

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