How To: Save Money in College

By Kassia Bernosky
April 25, 2012

  1. Get a free checking and savings account
  2. Buy books off or use online textbooks
  3. Take advantage of free on-campus activities
  4. Take advantage of discounted tickets
  5. Get involved (less boredom)
  6. Recycle old clothes

College students are known to always be tight on cash. There are ways to keep control of your money during these times where you want to spend it on food, social life and travel.

A good way to start off is by getting a free student checking and savings account. This gives you a way to keep your money all together. Also, it keeps you from having your money at your disposal, tempting you to spend it.

Buying books from the school’s bookstore may end up being very expensive. Sites like sell used books at cheaper prices.  Some textbooks provide an online version. Check with your professor to see if the class is registered for the use of the online textbook.

Every week there are free on-campus event. Just look at the calendar and you’ll definitely be able to find a free on-campus event or activity that interests you. It’s a good way to entertain yourself at no cost. Some free campus events include movie screening, open-mic nights, bingo, etc.

Along with hosting free campus events, many of these organizations also provide tickets for discounted prices.  Some of the discounted tickets offered include train tickets, movie tickets and sporting event tickets.

Getting involved in clubs, organization and sports is another way to save some money. While it’s true there may be some participation costs, being involved will save you some cash in the long run.  It prevents boredom. Clubs, sports and organizations provide you with activities to spend time on instead of spending money to go out drinking, eating or to the movies when you have nothing better to do.

Lastly, instead of buying new clothes take a look at the old ones you’re bored with and turn them into something new.  There are many tutorials on YouTube that explain how to cut clothes and recycle them into new designs. Buying new clothes really takes a toll on the bank account. Changing up the old clothes in your closet can save some major cash.

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Kassia Bernosky

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