How to prepare yourself for the next Sandy!

By Kellie Manoppello
October 31, 2012

There is no way to prepare for the devastation that something such as Hurricane Sandy has done to beaches, homes and many business’s. Here are a few quick things you can do before, during and after a major storm.


  • Non-perishable foods: Any kinds of foods that won’t go bad or doesn’t need to be heated by anything electronic.
  • Water: Keep cases of bottled water ready. They can be restocked annually.
  • Flashlights: Make sure all of the flashlights are either charged or have extra batteries
  • Sand bags: If your house floods easily be sure to get your sand bags ready at your doors.
  • Chargers: Make sure you charge up your electronics laptops and phones etc.
  • Secure your home: Strap down furniture, board up doors and windows. Make sure to trim tree branches over your home and/or cars.
  • Evacuate if told to do so: The state will tell you whether or not they think it’s severe enough where you should evacuate. If advised to do so, listen to them; it’s not worth your life.
  • Candles: Stock up on your candles and matches. Once the electricity goes out it might be the only light you have!



  • Safe Spot: Pick a spot in your house and get the whole family to stay there together.
  • Lock all doors and windows: Try to keep all the doors shut so the wind doesn’t catch them and keep them swinging open!
  • Have emergency numbers handy: Make sure you have the electricity, gas, local emergency numbers ready, incase anything happens.
  • Wait it out: When the storm hits there’s nothing more you can do but wait it out.



  • Assess the damage: After the storm head out around your home and examine all of the damage done. Look for missing siding, down trees, missing furniture, broken objects etc.
  • Clean up: Be sure to clean up all the debris around your house.
  • Check up on loved ones: Give family and friends a call to make sure they’re okay and if there is anything you can do to help them if need be.


Emergency Numbers

  • Philadelphia,Pennsylvania:
  • PECO: 1(800)841-4144
  • Phildelphia emergency contact number: dial 311
  • Philadelphia Water Department: (215) 685-6300
  • South New Jersey:
  • PSE&G electric: 1-800-880-7734
  • BPU division Water emergencies: (1-973) 648-2026

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Kellie Manoppello

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